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Construction season springs with Spring, and Spring has sprung.


Well, maybe not “officially,” because this is Nebraska after all, and we know we probably got one more totally inexplicable snow storm on the way.

But, for now, it’s Spring.

And that means Spring training, the Spring Game, we Spring forward, and our attention is finally turned to that growing list of Spring projects we’ve been thinking about since last year.

Add on a deck. Install outdoor lighting. Repair or replace your roofing.

But, unless you’re Ron Swanson, or married to Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor, chances are you’ll need a little help from one of our nearly 300 member construction companies to make those projects really shine.

This month, we’re featuring three Greater Omaha Chamber members in the construction industry that have “built” (sorry…we couldn’t help ourselves) exemplary reputations in their respective fields.

Meet Sarah Cano from Rooforia Exteriors, Craig Langfelt with Miller Electric, and Rick Russell from Millard Lumber.

raise the roof

What makes you stand out in the construction market?

Sarah Cano: Our leadership team is comprised of people from all walks of life who bring with them diversity of thought and experiences. At Rooforia Exteriors, our mission is to leave neighborhoods we work in better than we found them, which is why we created our ‘Raise the Roof’ program that provides free roofs to our community members who desperately need help.

Craig Langfelt: Our employees. Miller Electric has the best people who are committed to taking care of our customers. We focus on providing superior customer service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Rick Russell: Our staff. They have such a deep expertise and broad knowledge base that they can help customers solve problems they don’t know they have yet. Every customer of ours has a dream, and our staff is very gifted at interpreting that dream and bringing it to life.

How long have you been in this industry?

Cano: Rooforia opened its doors 7 years ago. But my husband, Jorge, brings over 20 years of experience working in the industry. Plus, he grew up helping in his grandfather’s construction business in Mexico.

Langfelt: Miller Electric has been in the industry 109 years! I started as an intern my senior year in college 18 years ago and have never looked back.

Russell: Millard Lumber was founded in 1948 by my father. Back then, Millard was a little rural town. But as Millard grew, so did we. Over the years, we improved our product selection and eventually expanded into Lincoln in 1987. We also have a cabinet division in Kansas City.

Millard Lumber

Why should a potential customer choose you?

Cano: Our goal is to provide a higher level of service and results with our work so that our clients’ projects are a pleasure; not a pain. We have developed a proven process that exceeds our clients’ expectations and always aim to be easy to do business with.

Langfelt: They should choose Miller Electric Company because of our expertise and reputation.  We have been in business for 109 years and because of our attention to detail, extensive knowledge in all areas of electrical construction, and commitment to our customers.

Russell: Whether it’s an Eagle Scout project or major commercial construction, our team loves to help bring dreams to life and support projects that enhance the livability of our community.

Miller Electric

What value does membership in the Chamber bring to your business?

Cano: It was life changing. One intro led to another and amazing opportunities were to follow. One of them was participating as a mentor protégé in the REACH Program where I had the chance to be mentored by MCL Construction. It was real life experience I was hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Langfelt: It keeps us connected to the businesses in the community who are our customers. We enjoy communicating with other businesses so that we can learn and share ideas that make us all better and improve our community as a whole.

Russell: Every day the Chamber is out there working to create a business-friendly environment so we can all get more work done. It’s also a great networking tool. They offer tons of good programs and information, while acting as a resource for all our business questions.

What would you say to someone who’s considering joining the Chamber but isn’t ready to make the final leap?

Cano: The Omaha Chamber has shown leadership when it comes to programs that include businesses of all sizes. They recognize that the future of Omaha’s business community will be influenced by the disrupters, innovators and thought leaders from many diverse backgrounds.

Langfelt: We, as a business community, need to work together to improve our local economy and support each other. This is done by creating networks and sharing information that the Omaha Chamber can facilitate.

Russell: The real benefit of a Chamber membership comes through the participation in the programs. When COVID hit, the Chamber stepped up in so many ways. They supported us with employment advice, updates on regulations, and really helped us make sense of it all.

Learn more about Rooforia Exteriors, Miller Electric, and Millard Lumber.

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