Financial Services

It’s a wonderful example of symbiosis.

Financial services companies, banks and insurance operations remain, expand or move here because of our low cost of doing business. In return, those institutions – from First National Bank to three Fortune 1000 financial services companies; Berkshire Hathaway, Mutual of Omaha and TD Ameritrade – help keep our area on solid footing and development dreams moving forward. With one of the highest density clusters for financial services our business climate is the opportune place to excel.


Our dynamic business climate makes us home to Berkshire Hathaway, the largest investment holding company 1 in the country, and First National Bank, the largest privately-owned banking company 2. With access to an educated, skilled and motivated workforce our financial industry cluster will only to continue to prosper – making this region the perfect climate to grow or expand your business.

Data Centers

Affordable and reliable power, bandwidth and infrastructure, redundancies, a skilled workforce, water for cooling, affordable real estate, disaster avoidance, state and local incentives… just some of the reasons why so many technology-reliant companies are sprouting up here.

Our data center population is robust – and filled with industry giants:

Data Center Population
ACI Worldwide PayPal
Cabela’s CenturyLink
Conagra Brands TD Ameritrade
Facebook Travelers Insurance Co.
First Data Union Pacific
Fidelity Investments Verizon
First National Technology Solutions Google
Yahoo! Infocrossing


We have a Silicon Prairie all our own.

The next big thing happens here, in a Midwestern mecca of technology. Here, at the conflux of opportunity and creativity, we don’t need a valley. We’ve developed into a high tech haven with a diverse mix of technology companies and a highly trained IT workforce. With up to 1 gigabit per second lightening-fast speeds, it’s no wonder we’re ranked the top city to work in tech.


One driving force behind our ability to attract new to market insurance companies is the cost advantage of low premium and retaliatory taxes. Dozens of insurance companies are headquartered here, adding to our impressive 2.1 location quotient. 3


According to the Federal Reserve’s 2016 Payments Study, transactions using alternative payment methods increased 15% over the last 3 years to 8.7 billion 4. PayPal, which employs 2,800 people 5 in the region currently dominates online payments with a 43 percent share 6.

Other notable financial transaction companies here are: First Data, TD Ameritrade, ACI Worldwide and CSG International.

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