So…You Want to do Good in Business

Beverly Kracher, Ph.D. Holder of the Robert B. Daugherty Chair and Professor in Business Ethics & Society CEO/Executive Director, BUSINESS ETHICS ALLIANCE More and more, consumer preferences are trending toward businesses and products with a social purpose. But...

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Chamber Announces Courtyard Transition

When it comes to transition, we’re committed to positive change; and, as we continue to enjoy our vibrant new Chamber space, we’re pleased to report transformation of our courtyard space at the 1301 Harney location continues. You’ll recall our courtyard:  Over these...

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Happy Monday, Chamber Members!

By Jill Bruckner, Communications/Public Relations Manager From the moment you pop open your peepers each morning, it’s “today.” No one rises and shines to yesterday (and, Majestic Members, if we master that phenomenon, we’re taking that show on the road)....

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New Website Features

We are continuously working to make our member resources and information efficient and assessable. You expect change. We anticipate evolution. Here are some recent changes and updates to our website. Member Accounts: To get started, create an online account at...

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Diet or Dessert?

The sisters of Primal Indulgence are on a mission to not make you choose. If you are like most of the population, when you hear paleo or gluten free, visions of sugar plums don’t exactly start dancing in your head. Lindsey Gobbett and Karen Costello, the...

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