Our résumé and central location put you in a prime position to move people or products. It’s just another factor that makes us especially attractive to new and existing businesses.

We’re served by a ring of interstate highways, railroads, motor freight, air and river transportation.

  • Reach your destination in 2- 3 days with easy access to I-80 and I-29
    • Major Rail Centers
    • Burlington Northern Santa Fe
    • Canadian National Railway Company
    • Union Pacific Railroad
      • About 72.3 billion pounds of cargo enplaned annually 1
      • Barge traffic can navigate the Missouri River 10 months of the year

A key transportation hub, we offer logistic numerous advantages:

  • Lack of congestion in one of the nation’s busiest transportation corridors
    • Access to multiple transportation hubs by rail, including Chicago and Kansas City
      Intermodal options
  • Home to a Foreign Trade Zone (No. 19) that assists importers and encourages efficient international trade

  1. Source: Omaha Airport Authority, 2016 Annual Statistics ↩︎