Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault believe in over-delivering. That’s the attitude they bring to their clients at Moore eSSentials, a Chicago-based recruiter-coaching firm, and the mindset they’ll be packing when they come to the 4th annual HIRE Conference in Omaha in August.

“Ideally, we make everyone in the room a better employer. Thousands of lives can be made better from the source. It’s a little high-minded, sure – but we can all have goals,” Tricia says.

She and Jason will serve as HIRE’s joint keynote speakers, punctuating a day designed to bring talent Acquisition and HR professionals together to share information and best practices – and gain new insight into the latest recruiting technologies, tools and methods.

“As speakers in the world of recruiting, we do a dozen conferences a year. Most of them are filled with people looking to make a buck quicker or easier. The HIRE conference, for us, is one of the few where it is companies looking to make themselves just a bit better. Our impact goes directly to the source where it can do the most good,” Tricia says.

In keeping with this year’s theme – Better, Faster, Smarter! Recruiting Beyond 2020. – Tricia and Jason are planning to empower attendees to:

  • Improve your online and local reputation
  • Become a truly employee-focused organization
  • Revolutionize the way your employees talk about you
  • Increase the number of qualified candidates wanting to work for you

Plan to walk away, Jason says, with “ideas you can implement to become an employer of choice. Some companies don’t need to beg people to apply or pay thousands above and beyond salary to an outside agency to find people ‘willing’ to work for them.”

“People want good jobs at places they love and respect. Companies want to be that place. With an effort, they can be.”

Rounding out the conference agenda is a variety of breakout sessions, including:

  • Supercharge Relationships with Hiring Managers
  • Be a Talent Yeti
  • LinkedIn: Your digital platform for creating a talent brand and finding top talent
  • Don’t just get a seat at the table, Build it!

4th Annual HIRE Conference

Better, Faster, Smarter! Recruiting Beyond 2020.

Thursday, August 8
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Institute for the Culinary Arts
Metro Community College – Fort Omaha Campus


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