No one nor no company is great without hard work. Hard work is a good baseline for our TSC fellows to achieve their goals. As far as the last year, Adio has been building great technology that is closest to its future customers. Time can be the enemy but not for Adio. They continuously sought out what the market and their customer persona were needing. Adio is currently in Level 8 // Product Management with The Startup Collaborative. Please read co-founder of Adio, Blaine Kasten’s, most recent growth highlights, lessons learned and what early 2020 looks like. 


1) What are your most recent wins to highlight?


Blaine Kasten:  We are finally launching a private beta to musical groups of various makeups. We are truly now at the data collection phase, moving past building off our assumptions and now onto building features that our customers tell us they need both via discussions and studying analytics data! We had phenomenal feedback on our roadmap and product idea earlier this year. It’s been a long road to building this complex product, but we’re confident it will be a game-changer for musicians.



2) Over the last few months, what have you learned and what has growth looked like for Adio?


Blaine Kasten: We had a backlog of interest in our app so we’ve been slowly adding groups to the product when we are ready for more information. It is a hard balance to maintain interest in people waiting, but also keeping the beta pool small so we can work very closely with everyone to gather the best feedback. As of now, we have about 50 bands we’ll be adding to our beta over the next 3 months.


3) How do you foresee 2020’s runway?


Blaine Kasten: I believe 2020 will be our most exciting year. If everything goes well, we’ll move to an official public launch sometime in the spring and then start working on marketing efforts to figure out how to scale the Adio platform!