In the heart of Omaha, over 1,400 passionate young professionals converged for an extraordinary journey of discovery and transformation. Against the backdrop of “A Future for Everyone,” the YP Summit soared to new heights, fueling the collective imagination and propelling us towards a brighter tomorrow.

At the core of the YP Summit was the celebration of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration. Through meaningful dialogues and authentic connections, attendees embraced the power of unity, recognizing that true progress is achieved when everyone has a seat at the table. Together, we shattered barriers, bridged divides, and celebrated the change makers who helped blaze new trails for our Omaha community.

And speaking of Change Makers, this year we celebrated those remarkable young professionals who went above and beyond their individual calls of duty to make extraordinary, innovative, and impactful contributions to all those whose lives they encountered.

So, let’s meet our award winners!


Christine Torres
Meet Christine, our passionate D.E.I.A. Champion! With a dynamic background encompassing nonprofit leadership, community advocacy, and linguistic expertise, Christine brings a wealth of diverse experience to our team. Recognizing the need for greater representation and inclusion, Christine took the lead by establishing the Spanish Networking Group at the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce.

This innovative initiative provides a platform for Latino professionals to engage in community discourse, forge valuable connections, and cultivate a stronger bond between the community and the Hispanic population. Through her unwavering dedication, Christine has become a driving force in fostering a more inclusive and vibrant future for all.


Cahner Olson
Introducing Cahner Olson, our visionary Change Maker and Entrepreneur extraordinaire! As the mastermind behind Omaha Places, Cahner has carved out her own unique career path, leveraging the power of social media to showcase the vibrant tapestry of businesses and events across the Omaha area.

With an impressive following of 70,000 in just two years, Omaha Places stands as a beacon of community engagement and economic empowerment, propelling local businesses to new heights while captivating the hearts of Omaha natives and newcomers alike.

Cahner’s innovative approach to digital promotion has not only sparked growth and visibility for businesses but has also fostered a sense of connection and belonging within the Omaha community.


Nicholas Lorensen
Nicholas Lorensen, more affectionately known as Mr. L.

Mr. L. is the recipient of the Education Change Maker Award for his dedication as a third-grade teacher at Omaha Public School’s Springville Elementary. Mr. L fosters inclusivity and diversity, creating a safe space where students thrive amidst Springville’s renowned diversity.

Recognizing the crucial role of third grade in reading development, he initiated after-school tutoring groups that prioritized comprehension skills crucial for lifelong success.

Mr. L’s influence transcends the classroom, leaving an indelible mark on every child he encounters. His dedication and innovative teaching methods exemplify the spirit of the Change Maker Education Award, shaping the future with compassion and inspiration. His greatest joy lies in witnessing students’ “ah-ha” moments and cherishing their heartfelt appreciations. Beyond teaching,


Clarice Dombeck
Clarice is our Nonprofit Professional. Clarice is recognized for making a positive impact on the Omaha area through their professional career in the nonprofit sector.

The colleague who nominated Clarice remarked how she has “dedicated thousands of hours coordinating the logistics of hundreds of community events and connected thousands of people together to create a strong, more sustainable Omaha community.

She is radical and unyielding in her belief that all people, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, or how much money they make, should be able to live, work, and play in a thriving North Omaha.


Thank you to our Lead Sponsor, Creighton University Graduate School, Heider College of Business, as well as to all those who came out, were inspired, and left with new ideas to power “A Future for Everyone.”  Join us next year on March 21, 2025, for the 30th anniversary of the YP Summit!