Every good idea has a starting point. Every technology has a beta stage within its development cycle. A beta stage allows companies to introduce a product or service into the wild. With today’s increasingly fast network and competitive landscape, it has become even more difficult to create differentiated products that deliver the best user experience designed to strengthen its market position. To be unaware means giving competitors time to snatch the opportunities in hand. 


Myelin has been testing its competitive advantage with a local health system for the last six months and has received strong feedback from end-users, allowing them to prioritize results to improve their product outcome and customer validation. Myelin knew in order to ensure a successful product launch, it was vital to engage with real customers continuously from integration to full implementation with their customer’s operations. Myelin has shown patience in evaluating the stability, satisfaction, and adoption of its product.


What does Myelin do? 

Myelin is a care collaboration platform that allows health care teams to turn population health data into action. They are proving that their platform can help patient care teams reach their full potential with a focus on key revenue drivers necessary to thrive in value-based reimbursement models. Myelin’s technology help clinics thrive as they transition from fee-for-service to alternative payment methods. Myelin’s customers are small and medium-sized healthcare clinics in need of a solution that is focused and easy to implement without the expense of an enterprise product. 


Through proactive problem spotting, validation and active execution on feedback from their beta users, Myelin has increased its focus on their go-to-market customer. They are delivering a solution with the entire clinical team in mind, to support the way medical providers need to collaborate and manage their patient’s care. Please take the time to learn more about Myelin.