Our inherent belief is that anyone can become an entrepreneur. With our unbiased and objective-based approach to building tech startups, we can help accelerate both first-time and long-time entrepreneurs.

Taking those first steps into starting a company can be incredibly intimidating, though. The most common question that people ask is: “How do I get started?”. With our Pre-Validation Packet, we’ve simplified this process even further. Condensing both LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 of our methodology, we challenged the traditional accelerator and incubator approach to provide everything the public would need, available with full transparency.

Your first step? Simply schedule a brief, digital conversation (what we like to call “virtual coffee”) with a TSC team member. This will help to ensure that our process is clear, as well as allow anyone the ability to dive deeper into any questions they might have toward building a startup. 

The next step? Download the Pre-Validation Packet and get to work! Think about that problem that you want to solve and who would most benefit from a solution to start compiling a customer list. No matter what your intended solution might be, this is your chance to conduct market research. Removing your own bias to the solution might feel uncomfortable, but it is imperative to gain the most sincere and crucial feedback from the customer. 

Through surveys and interviews, which we provide clear step-by-step processes to complete, founders are able to tap into what the market is most adamantly looking for. The logic behind this is simple: Build a tech-based solution that the customer and industry are desperate for. We’re looking for ideas that swing for the fences, all while solving those BIG problems for their customers. Rather than you hoping you come across that idea yourself, let your customers tell you themselves!