Often, startup stories focus more on the product and company than they do the people that made them possible. We at The Startup Collaborative have found that our mission statement to allow everyone an unbiased investment thesis to building their own tech-centric company allows us to step aside and let the entrepreneurs be center stage. The Behind the Founder campaign is meant to do just that —  let the stories of those who call themselves TSC Fellows be told from their own perspective.

What’s your name?

Kent Landholm

Where are you from?

Elkhorn, NE

How did your upbringing influence you today?

Great family environment. Growing up in a small town you get involved in a wide variety of activities such as sports, band, etc. Learned how to fix things and build things. 

Whether you’ve met them or not, who is one REAL person that has influenced you?

My Uncle Jay was a mechanic. He could take anything apart, figure out how it worked, and fix it. Sometimes it took many attempts. I learned it is Ok if it takes many attempts. 

Who is one FICTIONAL character that has inspired your life/career and why?

Batman. Gadgets, Applying science to solving crimes, Kicking the bad guys butt….. 

From a sketch on a napkin to officially starting up, what triggered the inception of your company?

The most recent one, Found Motion, was triggered as a result of the prior one ending.

How did the founding team meet?

Over many years of working together in other companies.

Presently, what does a typical day look like for you and your company?

The startup is a side gig at this point. Work on it nights and weekends. Mostly networking, fundraising, and some coding on AWS.

What’s next for you and your company?

Additional funding and doing some POCs

See? Everyone Can Startup!