Our society is in a unique shift now when it comes to our belongings. Gone are the days of retaining something for the slightest of sentimental reasons. A trend that the team at Space Worthy has seen is that current and future generations are looking to simplify their lives and the belongings that surround them. Their streamlined process of “toss, donate or keep” is meant to declutter the process of decluttering.

Passing down heirlooms and the stories of why these items should have any significance are often lost during the transition. Space Worthy has created a service that puts an emphasis on keeping the items that family members find valuable while documenting the stories behind them.

The most exciting part? You can start using Space Worthy TODAY. Their beta is live and looking for early users!

It’s time we stop looking at these items as “stuff” or “junk” and start to uncover the importance and reasoning behind keeping them. Rather than finding corners of our homes and lives to tuck these heirlooms away, we should celebrate what is truly worth space with Space Worthy.

Looking to Simplify & Declutter?