This Mother’s Day, you have no excuse to forget to send a card. Scribe, the tool that ensures you never miss an important occasion to show you care, was built by Ross Harding and Jesse Harding.


Scribe was inspired by their sister Natalie and their father Dave, who are now the official Scribe customer archetypes. This delightful direct-to-consumer brand allows you (whether you’re an ultra thoughtful Natalie or an ‘I can’t forget again,” Dave) to first select 3-5 people most important to you. From there, you add their important occasions like birthdays, Mother’s day, anniversaries or the like.


Voila! Scribe does the hard work for you. They’ll send you reminders and prompts to pick out the perfect card. Once you’ve done that, they mail the card to you so you can take it all across the finish line. Heck, they’ll even stamp and address it for you. All you need to do is write a little diddy and place it in the mailbox again.


Did we mention the cards are incredible? They’re all designed by local or independent artists. And, true to Harding brother form, Scribe cards tell the artist’s story inside each card making each brand interaction feel so personal and … well, fun!


End-to-end, the experience feels more like you’ve been delivered a witty and clever art gallery, that you happen to mail to your mom after you’re done.

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