With their official launch only a few days away, Karisa Malchow and her company Stature have embraced a term that has become so vital to the greater Omaha area’s entrepreneurial landscape: ecosystem.

The lack of alternative sizes and settling for unrealistic standards is becoming more readily apparent in the larger market, but Stature’s main focus during the launch is a bit more focused: Why is it so hard for taller women to find a variety of clothing styles that fit them comfortably while retaining the most up-to-date fashion trends?

Leaning into Omaha’s ripe fashion community, Karisa forged strategic partnerships that will help accelerate Stature’s early growth. Photographers like Heather and Jameson and involvement with Fashion Institute Midwest to find the best designers and manufacturers locally became key to Stature’s trajectory.

“We work locally to develop and manufacture your clothes – meaning your purchase supports several other women-owned businesses,” said Malchow, “you can personally enter in your measurements online so you never have to guess what length you’ll get. By owning the product and the platform we cut out any middlemen and sell directly to our target market.”

Malchow’s emphasis on utilizing other Omaha businesses has brought about this cyclical ecosystem that can be easily forgotten for startup companies. When Stature’s website officially launches on April 5, an entire population of women will have access to affordable, fashionable and custom-tailored clothing. Stature is poised to help empower these women to stand tall and feel confident doing so.

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