Preston Halstead approached TSC in August of this year with his concept, CareerVoice, aiding companies, educators and students when it comes to finding effective, specialized, and verified professional speakers – and how to make each experience most beneficial for all parties.

He got solid work done through LEVEL 2 with his Problem Validation Surveys, and was making headway while still having to balance his normal 9-5. He then leaped at the opportunity to participate in our FinTech Fellow Initiative, launched this November in partnership with First National Bank.

With some substantial experience under his belt, and with a new business partner, Parshav, he has put CareerVoice on hold for now in order to pursue a more time-pressing, much-needed FinTech-oriented concept: BritePay – fast and easy invoicing. In case you didn’t know, invoicing is a fragmented, time-killing experience for solo entrepreneurs. Preston is ready to solve that problem.

He’s capitalized on the opportunity to champion the issues we, along with many bankers, have identified, and he’s currently working through Solution Validation to solidify his idea for invoicing, revenue tracking, and entrepreneurial success.