One team member led wealth management for one of the nation’s largest privately held banks. One runs a CPA firm. Another has helped many companies successfully manage mergers and acquisitions. And the last, well, he’s been on both sides of the succession planning pendulum.

Jason Gilbreath, Kerry Reiss, Eric Hamilton, and John Gilbreath have all felt the pain of succession planning — from various standpoints, none the less.

They’re uniquely equipped to solve one of the biggest challenges facing business owners and their banking institutions: the complicated, messy process of buying, selling or inheriting a company.

They hit the ground running during yesterday’s Fintech Fellows Initiation, quickly zeroing in on specifics in the bigger problem that they wanted to tackle first. Now, they’re in the race for between $10,000 and $80,000 of capital provided by TSC, thanks to First National Bank and the Murphy Vision Funds, in partnership with First Westroads Bank.

Next in the lineup for this team, defining a value prop the market desires and testing that against their network and TSC’s network of financial service experts (and future customers).