LEVEL 2 // Lean Canvas + Lean Methods introduces Problem Validation. We do this early on because it can make or break your initial assumptions. Some fellows alter their concepts completely before moving forward. The good news is there’s a surefire approach that helps you understand you customers more clearly. A broad and deep strategy is the one-two punch that helps you conquer LEVEL 2.

First, you go broad. All fellows are expected to obtain a set amount of completed surveys to prove whether or not there is a market problem to solve. You want broad feedback. Major validation? Awesome! Then you go deep with one-on-one interviews with potential customers. It’s often through interviews that fellows discover the deeper nuances of the problem at hand. Perhaps there’s a bigger problem out there that desperately needs solving, in which case you’d update your Problem Statement accordingly and go broad with problem validation and repeat the process.

Founders that start up without having done this simple yet vital step can end up offering a solution to a problem that the market doesn’t need fixing. Go broad and go deep. Not only is it highly defensible, it leads to bigger and better ideas!