Last year, we boldly set out to radically improve the odds of startup success. Since our launch, more than 140 aspiring entrepreneurs have started up with The Startup Collaborative. A little more than 15 percent of whom are converting into capital-worthy prospects.

Thus, a new challenge for us to solve! Now, we have bought down the risk of failure due to poor product-market fit… and we have bought down the risk of not having the right team…. Then we need to buy down the risk of failure due to lack of capital. And we are!

We proudly announce that fellows within The Startup Collaborative that have met all due diligence and outcomes associated with LEVEL 9 // Outbound Sales will have the opportunity to take term sheets for $50,000 or $25,000 in growth capital. This capital provided by the Murphy Vision Funds in partnership with First Westroads and Invest Nebraska.

Any entrepreneur willing to roll up their sleeves, prove product-market fit, assemble their team and start to show some early customer traction is eligible.

Our methodology is intentionally designed to support any entrepreneur with high-growth, software-centric business models. Monthly, we work with 40-50 entrepreneurs at various growth phases of the methodology. Although we are industry agnostic, there are clusters of startups in Transportation/Logistics, Healthcare, Built Environment and Connected Brands.

While we set out to create a simple-to-understand means of quickly validating concepts, we didn’t expect that by publishing our outcomes we would also start to level the playing field for all entrepreneurs.

TSC term sheets don’t come with bias or strings attached. Rather, they are intentionally designed to support any entrepreneur that has proven outcomes and high growth propensity.

There has never been a better time to start up in the Midwest.

To earn your way to this growth capital, apply here.