Meet Startup Collaborative Adjuncts Nathan Preheim and Erica Wassinger. Cofounders of The Startup Collaborative and curators of the extremely focused and outcome driven fellowship – of which the two mapped out upon launching The Startup Collaborative in January of 2017.

Erica, made an early career in the PR realm tackling both the Dallas and New York markets where she worked with a handpicked group of growth-seeking clients spanning the marketing, technology, startup and nonprofit industries. Now, based in Omaha Erica has staked her spot in the entrepreneurial scene working with startups and venture firms alike.

Nathan pioneered the Omaha startup space cofounding MindMixer, a civic engagement startup that quickly scaled from 0 customers to nearly 1,000 in just two years. Eventually employing more than 75 employees across the midwest.

In addition to being the cofounders of The Startup Collaborative, the two also teach some of the modules within the fellowship.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the outcomes fellows are expected to complete during, LEVEL 3 // Messaging led by Erica and Nathan:

  • Value Prop Canvas completed, clearing drawing the lines between the customer’s pain points and pain killers along with their gains and gain creators. Our goal is to use those insights gathered in LEVEL 2 to inform how we message the value propositions in the future product.
  • Message Grid complete with a clearly articulated vision for where this concept will go, a tried-and-tested elevator pitch and notable industry and market segment trends that further validate the problem and need for a solution.
  • Solution validation survey complete, helping refine and measure value proposition effectiveness against the previously surveyed respondents.
  • Lean Canvas updated based on the findings from the solution validation survey. Further refining the initial solution set and the earliest version of a product roadmap.

Author // Caty O’Brien