At our launch event in January, we assembled three of the Silicon Prairie’s finest tech entrepreneurs for a panel discussion on what it really takes to scale. It was no coincidence that as founders from Hudl, BuilderTrend and Flywheel talked about scale, that they stressed the importance of loving your customer and — more critically — loving your customer’s problems. We couldn’t agree more.

All too often, an entrepreneur comes in asking for our thoughts on their solution. The reality is they’re asking the wrong question to the wrong people. Unless your solution solves a pain point for an early 30s, mother, and venture career defined woman in the midwest, I am not your target. I repeat I am not your target!

As part of our Fellow Initiation in LEVEL 1, our teams intentionally state their customer’s problem statement and make a list of multiple customer segments – with contact information.

After that’s sorted, naturally, we start preaching the good word of Lean.

Author // Erica Wassinger