There’s lots of buzz about Blockchain and its implications on the state of commerce as we know it. New TSC fellow and active community leader, Kyle Tut sees massive opportunity in leveraging the technology to disrupt markets that include overly profitable middlemen and very little transparency.

The problem he’s attacking with Kyna: the patent exchange market is antiquated — players, systems and financial models — are designed to pad the pockets of lawyers and brokers. When buying and selling patents, there is no visibility into the process, value or availability. The ripple effect means low liquidities of sold patents, wealthier middlemen (lawyers and brokers), and unutilized innovation.

We’d be remised if we didn’t also congratulate Kyle on his recent win at Consensus 2017’s Hyperledger Competition for his team’s take on Monopoly in the blockchain. This is definitely an entrepreneur to watch.

Author // Erica Wassinger