Who are your field recruits, ambassadors, and torchbearers? Don’t know? Don’t worry. You’ll not only learn who each of these audiences are, but how they can help you grow your market and your reputation. It’s one of the numerous marketing insights you’ll learn in The Startup Collaborative’s LEVEL 10 // Inbound Marketing work session. This on-demand acceleration module occurs every single month at Bailey Lauerman’s 14th floor downtown Omaha office and is taught by best-in-class adjunct faculty Mary Palu and Melissa Nosal. Savvy startup founders will learn how to build rapport and relationships with each of these audience groups, to build lasting value and to earn support that’ll pay back mightily. LEVEL 10 // Inbound Marketing comes right after LEVEL 9 // Outbound Sales and right before LEVEL 11 // Startup Finance. TSC helps you keep your blinders on – we focus on solving the ONE big challenge in front you.