We Are O.NE. Series. Let’s make this a place where I get to be me and you get to be you. Let’s make this a place where together, we are O.NE. Put your hands in the middle and share your story.

I am extremely ambitious and have a work ethic like no other. I also sincerely want everybody to succeed and will do whatever I can to assist with that.

Living in Omaha has helped introduce me to people who have helped me along the path of entrepreneurship.

How do you make a difference in this community? 

I find a way to incorporate my passions in almost everything I do. Even if it has to pertain to my business. Always bringing my passions with me enables me to provide service in a way only I can.

Whether it’s through the Female Entrepreneurship brunch that I started to create camaraderie and collaboration between female entrepreneurs of all career paths and walks of life or through the consultations I provide through my business EBE Films for video projects or social media marketing because that enables me to find out what the client needs not only through services I am able to provide to them but see what other areas they need assistance with and finding someone who can help them or traveling internationally and taking pictures of other people and cultures and sharing those with my community because many may not get to experience those places that I’ve been creating a sense of oneness and unity because we all really aren’t that different or simply teaching my science workshops to children to exercise my passion of helping to guide the next generation of leaders while also keeping my passion for science and teaching alive or through hosting events that always highlight small business and entrepreneurs because I know how hard it is to fight to be seen and noticed and succeed.