Excerpt from We Don’t Coast magazine: omaha.com/wedontcoast
Photo: Megan Smith

We Care – Iowa League of Heroes

The cowl. The scowl. It’s all there. But this Dark Knight isn’t foiling the Joker or going one-on-one with Two Face. This Dark Knight travels the region bringing the light, rallying the entire Iowa League of Heroes to elevate the lives of children and families facing the most daunting foes: sickness, family trauma, bullying…

“The biggest celebrities are those junior heroes who are fighting the difficult battles,” says The Dark Knight (TDK), aka Matt Morgan, League co-founder and sanctioned character actor.

Just last May, he and the League’s recently-acquired Batcar rolled up at Harlan Community Intermediate School to surprise student Jaxson Rold. Now a fourth grader, Jaxson’s arch-enemy is brain cancer.

“I think the coolest thing is the car and everything else he had,” Jaxson says. “He’s pretty amazing.”

Schools, children’s hospitals, special needs causes… Send up the signal and League members, including Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Captain America and Super Girl, are there. Each has invested hundreds or thousands of dollars to ensure an authentic look.

“We want to make sure children don’t see a person in a costume but a hero in a suit,” Morgan says.

Balancing hero duties with hard-working alter-egos, each member lives the oath that Jaxson and his class recited with TDK: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

“It’s extremely difficult to put into words,” Morgan says, “but when a child looks up at you with amazement and wants something as simple as a hug from their favorite hero, the toughest of us can get overwhelmed.”