We Are O.NE. Series. Let’s make this a place where I get to be me and you get to be you. Let’s make this a place where together, we are O.NE. Put your hands in the middle and share your story.

What makes me, me…is my need to be great. I have always felt I was destined to do great things, I just have no idea in what area. So I try them all. I am not afraid to fail or learn. That provides me the confidence to aim to be the best me possible in every aspect. The other side of that is I try to be as humble as possible. I am confident, not cocky. I’m all about team, seeing everyone succeed and helping them do so if I can. Diverse and unique is how I would label myself.

I am a New Orleans native so living in Omaha honestly caused me to slow down a lot – but in a good way.

The city has so much potential that it lends the opportunity for you to branch out and explore who or what you want to be.

Omaha has provided me a GREAT network of close friends and associates who not only support my ventures but inspire me as well. It’s a place that allows you to shape your own identity and doesn’t have many restraints on what you can accomplish if you put the work in.

How do you make a difference in this community? 

I’m very big on mentoring and networking. In 2014, with the help of my fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc and the Black Police Officers Association of Omaha, I started the Omaha Teen Summit. OTS is a day dedicated to allowing high school aged youth in the Omaha metro area to come together to learn, network and solve problems plaguing them. These tasks are accomplished in the form of youth-led sessions such as breakouts (dedicated to college perspectives, finances and life skills), a college/career/health fair, and an open forum town hall meeting (featuring a mixed adult and youth panel). It is open to any high school aged students in the Omaha Metro area. We started with 20 students year one and just had 150 for our fifth installment. For adults, I try to put on entertainment and educational programs that give my peers a chance to network but not in the traditional sense. From Rhythm N Brunch on a Saturday afternoon to Lunch and Grind midday Thursday, there are many ways to connect, relax and grow with new and old friends. I cultivate unique and diverse experiences at all times.