KC students experience Hot Shops Art Center

Twenty-two Blue Valley Southwest High School students from Kansas City journeyed to Omaha (with their marketing/broadcast class instructor, of course) to become a video production crew for a day. After three hours of filming at seven different locations, two rounds of edits in four hours and twelve pizzas cashed, the students were ready to showcase their awesome ‘We Don’t Coast’ experiences.

The first in a series of seven, Hot Shops Arts Center.

“You can go to any old art museum just to view art, but here you can see where the ideas are made.”


Hot Shops Art Center is home to 58 art studios allowing artists to work and interact in a creative space. The 4 anchor studios are what put the ‘Hot’ in Hot Shops. This fiery discipline allows artists to create their work out of melted metals, molten glass and kilns of baked clay.

Many thanks to Tim Barry, one of Hot Shops founders, for helping create the experience.

Learn more about their stay and how this video came to life here.

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