KC students experience downtown on BCycles

Twenty-two Blue Valley Southwest High School students from Kansas City journeyed to Omaha (with their marketing/broadcast class instructor, of course) to become a video production crew for a day. After three hours of filming at seven different locations, two rounds of edits in four hours and twelve pizzas cashed, the students were ready to showcase their awesome ‘We Don’t Coast’ experiences.

The fifth in a series of seven, downtown Omaha on the BCycle system.

“Adventure is endless on the seat of a bike. With the BCycle system, exploring the city has never been so easy.”

BCycle is the first large-scale bike sharing system in the Omaha metro, perfect for trips that are too far to walk and too short to drive. You can run your errands, grab lunch or explore the city, making your trips economical and convenient.

Many thanks to Ben Turner with BCycle and SecretPenguin for helping with this experience!

Learn more about how this video and the others came to life here.

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