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Hometown hero Terence “Bud” Crawford earned the title of champion with his fists and footwork. He exemplifies it with his heart.

The reigning light welterweight world champion founded B & B Boxing Academy here with his co-manager and head trainer Brian “BoMac” McIntyre. More than a gym, it’s a place where at-risk youth are welcomed and encourage to aspire. “They get to hang out with the Number One boxer in the world,” says Phillip McClain of Team Crawford.

The boxing notable not only trains at B & B, he and his coaching team serve as positive role models, sharing their time and expertise with the kids, dozens of whom are amateur fighters. Success in the ring is a focus – but so is success in life. Team Crawford stresses goal setting and champion behavior. As Crawford’s fame has grown, so has interest in B & B.

Now expanding, the Academy in Crawford’s boyhood neighborhood will gain space for studying. “This entire gym and the whole remodeling process are being funded by Terence and Brian,” says McClain.

“They are all about giving back to those kids.”