In a world – where creative talent isn’t confined to the coasts – a local crowd showed some local filmmakers some local love…

The previews are over… It’s time for the 11th annual Omaha Film Festival (OFF) to roll – the line-up includes more than 100 domestic and international narrative feature films, documentaries and short films, including animated shorts. 

This year, we’re stoked for the brand new “Nebraska Spotlight” category, which includes six narrative feature films and documentaries made in Nebraska or by Nebraskans:

  • “It Snows all the Time,” a very personal film produced by Omahan Erich Hover
  • “Black Luck,” co-directed by David Weiss and Omaha Film Festival Executive Director Jason Levering
  • “No Resolution,” directorial debut of local music legend Tim Kasher
  • “Once in a Lew Moon,” a documentary about screenwriting guru and Nebraska native Lew Hunter
  • “Take Me to the River,” last year’s Sundance Film Festival darling shot entirely in and around Loop City, NE
  • “I Dream of an Omaha Where…,” a powerful documentary directed by Mele Mason

Voted one of the “Top 25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” by Movie Maker magazine, this year’s OFF runs March 8-13. Check out for ticket information, the full schedule of films, parties, and the conference schedule.