Truth be told, Emspace + Lovgren is not your typical agency.

And Elizebeth Murphy, President, is fine with that.

“We thrive on the joy of connecting with our own community,” said Murphy. “Our clients, who work in every corner of the community, are the basis of our powerful network of doers, and are one of our key differentiators as a network of people who are working for change.”

Emspace + Lovgren was born from the vision of two women leaders: Elizebeth Murphy who opened Emspace as a design communications firm in 1992; and Linda Lovgren who opened Lovgren Marketing Group as a public relations and marketing agency in 1978.

In 2018, Emspace acquired Lovgren Marketing Group. In 2020, they were recognized as American Marketing Association of Nebraska’s Agency of the Year. Today, the firm is known for award-winning brand development, public outreach and strategic communications in support of a strong and connected community.

“Community is the basis of the brands we develop, our communications initiatives and campaigns,” said Murphy. “We’re committed to making our shared spaces and experiences better for everyone.”

You can find their involvement in school lunchrooms, community centers, universities, boardrooms, and city offices to name a few. For Murphy, those locales are ground zero for initiating progress.

“Real change only happens when you commit to cultivating relationships, connecting the dots, and engaging and inspiring people. Throughout our decades of experience, our work has energized, galvanized and mobilized people to action, and we’re not slowing down.”

“It’s a lofty goal, but we’re optimistic that together, we can achieve a more accessible, connected and vibrant community for all.”

“We have a relentless drive for excellence and an unwavering commitment to community progress. Our success isn’t measured simply by profit, but by the quality of our work and the kinds of clients who hire us.”

Nope, Emspace + Lovgren is definitely not your traditional agency. But for people who are passionate about community, their city, and the future, Emspace + Lovgren is a very exciting place to be.

Winning Insights from Our Winner:


Best Practice Tip For a Small Business Owner

“Being a small business owner is all about flexibility,” said Murphy. “I’ve found that best practices need to evolve throughout the lifespan of the business because the landscape is constantly changing.”

“But what never changes is the need to understand and serve clients and community. We do that by working with the best people, building trust, maintaining long-term relationships — and always staying open to changing needs and opportunities.” 

Cultivating a Strong Company Culture

“Emspace + Lovgren is built with soft edges so that our incredibly talented team can stretch and grow into areas of opportunity and passion. We encourage each other to explore individual interests, crossing lanes and enhancing job descriptions as our range of expertise expands.”

“We highly encourage new ideas from across the team,” said Murphy. “From developing a system to support volunteering to sharing technical expertise and resources to Friday afternoon watch parties on Netflix. At Empsace + Lovgren, we lead each other forward.”

The Value of Chamber Involvement

“We are incredibly lucky to have a chamber that is vision-focused and willing to convene community around future challenges and opportunities. In our case, we can connect Chamber priorities to our work in transportation access. Even better, working with others who share this passion, along with the very talented Chamber staff, makes our lives much easier.”

Giving Back to the Community

“We created our student program, Forge, eight years ago as a formalized system to mentor and support a new, more inclusive generation of creatives in our community. Forge is a free, immersive experience for college-level students who want to pursue a career in a creative field but lack the networks and connections needed to get started.” 

“In addition to our paid work, our team actively supports many local nonprofits through board leadership, as volunteers and through robust pro bono professional assistance. Along with those opportunities, our staff have 8 hours paid volunteer time available to dedicate to community needs.”

Overall Operating Philosophy

We have a relentless drive for excellence and an unwavering commitment to community progress,” said Murphy.

“We believe very strongly in our purpose: to enhance shared experiences and quality of life by supporting great ideas with thoughtful, smart, connected and creative communications. We gauge our success not simply by profit, but by the quality of our work and the kinds of clients who hire us.”

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