Helping doctors take control of their finances. Going above and beyond to earn our clients’ trust. That’s where Physicians Thrive, a full-service financial planning company, thrives.

“Just as physicians work tirelessly for their patients’ best interests, we vow to look out for theirs,” says Justin Nabity, founder and CEO, Physicians Thrive.

He launched the business by traveling to medical schools nationwide. Eleven years later, Physicians Thrive has served physicians at over 400 medical centers, hospitals and medical schools, as well as 1,000 residency and fellowship programs. Its advisor teams assist physician-clients with everything from tax, retirement and student debt repayment planning to disability insurance and contract review services.

Winning Insights from Our Winner:

Providing an Excellent Customer Experience

“We believe in creating real connections with the physicians we work with,” Nabity says. “By making these connections, we discovered that more and more is expected of physicians while healthcare, government and the bureaucratic machine are giving them less and less. It is very difficult for them to find an advocate who actually cares about their interests rather than being a target for solicitation.”

Empowering Employees and Creating a Culture in which They Can Grow and Succeed

“Physicians Thrive is dedicated to helping employees grow both in their role at work but in life outside of the office. We provide opportunities to attend annual leadership conferences for both personal and professional development as well as an incentive program for time an employee spends working on the health of their mind, body or soul,” Nabity says. “We believe that people who are curious, creative and motivated in their personal lives will bring those qualities to work with them each day.”

Best Practice Tip

“One of the ways we’ve found to best grow and encourage our employees is by instituting a culture of ownership,” Nabity says. “The idea behind an ownership culture is that employees have a sense of ownership over their work and feel they have a valued role in the business. If you want your team to approach their work as more than just a job, you have to treat them as more than just employees.”

The Value of Chamber Involvement

“The collaborative environment of the Chamber has provided us the ability to meet members with similar values and share with and learn from their experiences. This experience sharing has given us the ability to strengthen our team because of the best practices and opportunities we’ve been able to pick up and pursue,” Nabity says.

Impacting the Community

“While we work with physicians around the country, we have dedicated time and effort to providing the best options for disability insurance to the residents and fellows in our city along with opportunities for free financial education to help young physicians transition into practice,” Nabity says.

Physicians Thrive has also dedicated time building houses with the Omaha branch of Habitat for Humanity. During the 2019 spring flooding, a group of Physicians Thrive employees worked with Rapid Response Omaha to assist flood victims.

In addition, by way of learning about its clients’ passions, Physicians Thrive leadership was inspired to create the nonprofit Give Sight Global to raise the funds for physicians to provide eye care to people in need around the world.

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