Jodie McGill founded McGill Law, P.C., L.L.O. in 2011 so she could build a family law firm that allowed her to combine her passions, skills, and expertise to help more people in the Omaha community.

Originally from Omaha and a graduate of Creighton Law School, Jodie is an experienced mediator, collaborative divorce attorney, trial attorney, and appellate attorney. She is a fierce advocate for women’s rights and family welfare.

“McGill Law is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every one we serve,” said Jessica Maynard, Director of Marketing and Client Experience. “We offer to meet and consult with prospective and current clients by phone, Zoom or in person ensuring that every one of them is comfortable.”

“We always guide families through legal processes with compassion, integrity, and respect,” Maynard said. “Our clients can depend on us to answer the phone, reply to their emails and be present when meeting with them.”

The Omaha office is located in the Nebraska Collaborative Center which Jodie founded in 2017 with the vision to facilitate peaceful conflict resolution by offering a singular location offering legal, mental health and physical well-being services.

McGill Law recently launched a sister project, McGill Mediation, to offer families the opportunity to work through conflict with open, honest, and meaningful conversation to create long-lasting resolutions and plans for the future.

“We help disputing parties resolve their conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques,” Maynard said. “Our goal is to help the participants work through the conflict to find a peaceful solution.”

Their expertise and integrity have earned McGill Law a reputation as one of Nebraska’s premier legal firms, with a consistent track record of uncompromising ethics that instills confidence in their clients.

The firm is women-owned and women-run at this time by 10 employees including four attorneys. “We have a team of dedicated, compassionate, and hard-working women, each chosen for their gifts, grace, and grit,” Maynard said.

McGill Law now has offices in Omaha, Lincoln and Bellevue and is licensed to practice in Nebraska and Iowa.

Winning Insights from Our Winner:

Best Practice Tip For a Small Business Owner

For Maynard, it all comes down to one simple phrase: “control what you can control.” This will help ensure your can-do attitude never falters in the face of adversity.

Cultivating a Strong Company Culture

“We have a team of dedicated, compassionate, and hard-working women, each chosen for their gifts, grace, and grit,” Maynard said. “We celebrate each other’s work and also encourage physical and spiritual well-being. Employees are able to work remotely when needed and given the flexibility to manage families, work, and self-care.”

The Value of Chamber Involvement

“The pandemic hindered some of our ability to actively participate in Omaha Chamber events. But we have looked to the Chamber as a resource for making other professional relationships relating to the legal community and beyond – such as therapists, coaches and financial specialists whom we refer to and build a team of when practicing collaborative law.”

“We look forward to being more actively engaged and encourage our employees, especially our attorneys, to participate in the many benefits of our membership with the Omaha Chamber.”

Giving Back to the Community

“We have volunteered with Completely Kids, donated blood as a team, facilitated a product drive and packing party for Access Period, donated to Legal Aid, Planned Parenthood and sponsored events by the Women’s Fund, the WCA and Girls Inc.”

“We also run and facilitate our own events at the Nebraska Collaborative Center for women considering, going through, or healing from divorce,” Maynard said. “We’re also heavily involved with the Volunteer Lawyer’s Project and offer pro bono services.”

Overall Operating Philosophy

“We are committed to providing excellent, compassionate client-centered legal services while maintaining the highest ethical standards. We provide expert legal guidance to assist our clients in making major life decisions for themselves and their families,” Maynard said.

 “We are a law firm with a values-driven culture that provides its clients with expert legal guidance using the most appropriate dispute resolution to promote and foster healthy families, healthy communities, and happy futures.”

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