To attract young professionals, the cities that are winning are increasingly thinking multi-modal and investing in public transportation. Young professionals don’t necessarily see the automobile as the only choice to move around the city. The challenge is how we spend our money wisely and invest in creating walkable places that reflect what study after study continue to show, young people value public transportation and see that it is imperative for our future.

Woven throughout the Chamber Greater Omaha 2040 plan is the idea that for Omaha to continue thriving, we must be steadfast in our thinking and planning  how people connect to their destinations-whether they be for work, daily activities, or leisure-and provide choices on how one wants to move around the city. We have great people in Omaha and great places and by connecting those places with robust transit, bike network, and sidewalks, we know we’ll continue to see prosperity.

The Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals are continuing to raise awareness and buy-in regarding the importance of active transportation and its connection to our future and identity as a key to attracting and retaining talent.

Join us on July 18 at Flagship Commons for the next Policy and a Pint: Public Transportation. We’ll have a panel discussion with community leaders as we break down what obstacles stand in our way and what is working. We want to get your input on bike and pedestrian improvements, how we design great places, and how we should connect them through transit.

It’s true that not everyone uses public transportation, but it impacts all of us. Be part of the conversation on July 18.

The next Policy & A Pint will be taking on the next big topic in the advancement of Omaha–transportation.

Join us in Flapship Commons Wednesday, July 18 from 6 – 8:30 p.m. for a pint, panel discussion and brainstorm. Discuss your ideas, ask questions and advocate for opportunities to improve transportation in Omaha.

Tickets are $10 and include a pint (of course.) There will be discounts on food and a raffle for gift cards for attendees.

Not sure what to expect?

Every Policy & A Pint event’s format is a bit different depending on the topic. But, you can get a better idea by reading the recap April’s Policy & A Pint event on Affordable Housing.