JAN-PRO of Omaha is more than a commercial cleaning enterprise; it is an incubator of opportunity: “We sell franchises to people to become business owners, and we acquire clients to give to our business owners,” says Tumi Oluyole, President, JAN-PRO of Omaha.

A part of the Omaha business community since 2003, JAN-PRO has built its reputation on breakthrough cleaning technologies and people who take pride in their work.

“Our motivation for doing what we do is to see the success our franchise owners get from owning their own business,” Oluyole says. “At JAN-PRO, we do not limit your opportunities for growth. There is literally no cap; you can grow to be as big as you wish. Take care of your customers, follow the JAN-PRO model, and good things always happen.”

Winning Insights from Our July Winner:

  • Providing an Excellent Customer Experience

 “We do not have customers, rather we have partners. First and foremost, we are very quick to respond to our partners. We know them and know how to consistently and continuously exceed our partners’ expectations. Relationships are very important to us and are a core of our business,” says Oluyole. “We are also very quick to recognize mistakes and fix them. We believe in going the extra mile for our partners, and if it requires us going out of our way to ensure their complete satisfaction, we do not hesitate to make sure that is done.” 

  • Empowering Employees and Creating a Culture in which They Can Grow and Succeed

“Our company has a culture of transparency. We have constructive, timely and candid feedback to help boost employee and team performance. … We’ve found that one of the best ways to manage and keep our employees motivated is through benefits: outside training, community events, happy hours, and reimbursement for some approved company events. We give our employees goals and ownership. We set clear goals for teamwork and hold them accountable for completing task. In addition, we break the things we try to teach our employees into two groups – one is the strategy and direction of the business, the other is the set of skills they need to be successful. We believe that regular communication and training is really important, because both of these topics are moving targets.” 

  • Best Practice Tip

“Teamwork is the key. We believe in empowering people of different backgrounds and providing opportunities for the people of the Omaha Metropolitan Area. Connecting and helping the community is the best way to help the society.”

  • The Value of Chamber Involvement

“The Chamber has given me access to tools and visibility to people I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to get. I can mingle and get referrals for business as well as continue to learn through every Coffee & Contacts I attend.”

  • Impacting the Community

“We have veterans as part of our staff and franchise owners, and JAN-PRO of Omaha is recognized locally as an Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). Some of our employees are also part of 100 Black Men of Omaha, and we mentor kids.” JAN-PRO of Omaha also donates to and assists a number of non-profit organizations, including the Autism Action Partnership, National Association of Black Accounts Omaha Metro; Life is Us, Inc.; MyDestinati and the Solidarity Sisters of Omaha. It has also participated in coat drives, Salvation Army bell-ringing and other social events by PenFed Credit Union.  Want to learn more about JAN-PRO of Omaha? Check out the company’s website.

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