Xavier Jackson is doing what entrepreneurs do – seeing a need and filling a need. The mid-20’s millennial is the founding force behind Showcase, an evolving mobile platform that makes art accessible by connecting artists and art lovers.

Inspired by Xavier’s own struggle to find outlets for his creative works, Showcase allows subscribers to pick from a variety of art pieces “that speak to them.” They can buy, rent-to-buy or, for a minimum monthly fee, rotate through a number of different works.

“It’s been a learning process for sure,” he says. “I’ve had to learn to find confidence in myself and my abilities.”

Assisting on that front is The Startup Collaborative (TSC): “They’ve been there for advice and mentorship,” Xavier says. “They’ve connected me with people I wouldn’t have met or even known to contact.” 

Still in the beta-testing stage, the Showcase goal is to become a location-based app, allowing users to find artists, galleries and events in any city. Beyond that, Xavier sees an opportunity to help boost artistic talent in impoverished nations: “It could be a source of hope.”

Xavier, a 2017 graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, also launched The Foundation, a creative video production company. Not only is he doing what entrepreneurs do, he’s started doing what successful CEOs do as well.

“I’ve been changing my lifestyle to fit more of a CEO lifestyle. I ‘Googled’ the top ten things CEOs do and one of them was wake up at 4:30 in the morning every day. So, I started doing that, eating healthier and working out more.”

His advice to other entrepreneurs? “Go for it. No time is going to be the perfect time.”

Looking for the perfect place to start? The Startup Collaborative may be just right for you.