Xavier Jackson thought he spotted an issue in the creative marketplace. His assumptions were that local artists/creatives want more exposure, meanwhile the organizations they affiliate with want more ways to get them exposure, and he even assumed that people wanted more access to their local creative community’s work.

Turns out, all his assumptions validated as part of his customer discovery work in LEVEL 2 // Lean Canvas + Lean Methods. So, he forged forward. Digging into what solutions might be based on the insights he gathered in surveys and interviews, Xavier spotted a trend. His customers were saying they needed “real estate” to host galleries. They just wished that developers/property owners would take a chance on their pop-up galleries.

But, when Xavier probed into that more, turns out that isn’t what they were really asking. Instead, his customers wanted more connectivity to local art patrons and more exposure for their work.

His LEVEL 3 // Startup Messaging surveys are out now and a solution is starting to come into view. His validation is strong. He is relentless about customer acquisition, maybe one of the best in our portfolio.

Keep cheering Xavier on. He’s a founder worth the bet.