Business Excellence Awards


As always, we’re celebrating the excellence around us and recognizing the truly deserving: those whose contributions elevate our community and make it a better place for everyone to do business, work and live.

Check back on May 7!
The health and safety of our community is our highest priority. We have decided to cancel this year’s Business Excellence Awards events (VIP Reception and Award Ceremony). Even though we will not be gathering this year, we will still celebrate our winner’s accomplishments. Be sure to follow the Greater Omaha Chamber on social and join us as we recognize the brightest among us.


Nominations for 2020 are closed, but click below to be notified when 2021 nominations open.


  1. The year your company was established.
  2. The number of employees in the Omaha metro area.
  3. Highlight important milestones in your company’s history.
  4. Highlight any important information about your employees and customers that showcases excellence in your company.


Excellence takes on many forms. Choose one or more of the characteristics below and describe how it applies to your business (or the business you are nominating). 

If a company has won a business excellence award (in any category – innovation, leadership and/or philanthropy) for two or more consecutive years, they will only be eligible for a sustained excellence award. Those eligible will need to complete the sustained excellence award questions and will not be eligible to win in any other category (innovation, leadership and/or philanthropy).

You may choose to answer any, or all, of the following categories:

Changing the establishment by introducing something better is no easy process, but it’s what true innovators live for. Those recognized for Excellence in Innovation have made innovation part of their everyday ‘routine’ and provide tangible benefits through their work.

  1. Describe what innovation looks like in your organization, including any particular impacts on your business or customers.
  2. Cite specific examples from the last three years of when success or failure has nurtured innovation in your culture.
Excellence in Leadership recognizes those who have a strong vision for the future, a dedication to the betterment of their organizations and our community and a passion for developing others.

  1. Describe the leadership philosophy in your organization.
  2. Provide specific examples from the last three years of how leadership is cultivated and specific examples of where it has made a difference to your outcomes.

Organizations, small and large, with a philosophy of giving, make a significant impact on the Omaha metropolitan community’s health and well-being. Recognition goes to those who go above-and-beyond to foster an environment of community improvement and support.

  1. Describe how your business approaches community stewardship.
  2. Offer particular examples from the last three years of the impact your organization’s donation of time, talent or treasure has made to others in our community.

Experience comes with time, and every year an organization operates is a testament to its ability to serve, allowing it to uplift the community and contribute to the strength and growth of the region. Milestones matter, and anniversaries of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150 years in business mark the dedication of organizational stakeholders, as well as the commitment of customers to the business or nonprofit. Share the number of years your organization has been in operation.

Your organization is a proven winner, recognized before for excellence in innovation, leadership and/or philanthropy. Congratulations for that feat! 

  1. Describe how you maintain a standard of excellence in your organization. Offer particular examples, within the last three years, of a time you rebounded from a problem or crisis.
  2. What is an example that has taken place, within the last three years, of an enemy of excellence in your organization?  How do you guard against it?  Include any measurements you use in this assessment.


This event is made possible by the generous contributions of several organizations. We appreciate their support.
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