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CHI Health Center Omaha
455 N. 10th St.



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Includes reserved seating for 8, your company name listed on the YP Summit event web page and visual recognition of your company on the screens at the beginning of each general session in the grand ballroom

There are additional experiential sponsorship opportunities available, starting at $3,000.
Contact Allison Sagehorn for more information about these high-impact opportunities.

Reservations are due February 28, 2020. No refunds for cancellations will be granted after this date.

Photo and Video Release
By registering and participating in this event, you consent to the recording of your likeness, image, and/or voice and authorize the Greater Omaha Chamber to use photographs, videos, and audio recordings containing your likeness, image, and/or voice in any medium for any purpose.


The Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals, in partnership with our Scholarship Sponsors, Nebraska Medicine, appreciate your interest in applying for a scholarship to the 2020 YP Summit.

Applications  are now closed

Applicants will be notified no later than Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020 regarding their status.


Registration + Networking

7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting your arrival on the second floor of the CHI Health Center Omaha. Collect your name badge then head into our engagement space to grab a morning pick-me-up and start making some amazing connections!

Opening Session

8:30 – 9:40 a.m.

Opening Session // Peter Kiewit Grand Ballroom

How to Build Your Dream Community From Scratch
To create community, Radha says you first need to take a look at your values, interests, and your abilities, instead of looking outward. Once you have a good sense of your values, interests, and abilities (your VIA), you start to build your community around these attributes. 

Radha says that any great community requires an intention of DOSE — releasing you dopamine (pleasure), oxytocin (physical touch), serotonin (sense of belonging), endorphins (moving your body). How can you set up your community so you can trigger these states in people? For her, dance is the ultimate weapon for community building.

Radha Agrawal
Radha Agrawal is a community force for good. She is the co-Founder, CEO and chief community architect of Daybreaker, the early morning dance and wellness move-ment that currently holds events in 25 cities and more than a dozen college campuses around the world.

She is a successful entrepreneur (Co-Founder THINX, LiveItUp), author, speaker, DJ, inventor and investor. Her new book Belong answers the questions, “How the heck do I find my people?” and “How do I create large and meaningful communities in the real world?”

Breakout Session 1

10 – 10:45 a.m.

1A // Self-Love is the only way! A CrEaTiVE exploration of self-care tools. // Room 207

Self-Love is the only way! A CrEaTiVE exploration of self-care tools.
Self-love is the manifestation of self-care. It’s the ability to be intentional in taking care of your mind and body, allowing you to feel less stressed and more joyous. In this session, you will experience creative ways to add self-care into your life at work and home, allowing you the opportunity to recharge, reboot and reignite your mind with creative and helpful self-care techniques

Felicia Webster, WithloveFelicia Enterprises, LLC

1B // YPs and Advocacy Panel // Room 209

YPs and Policy Advocacy: Why, What and How
Advocacy ensures that young professionals are able to have their voice heard on issues. This session will cover why policy advocacy is important for young professionals in Omaha, what opportunities are available for advocacy in Nebraska, how to effectively engage with policymakers in Nebraska, and what you can do right now to create change in your communities.

Brad Christian SallisCivic Nebraska
Jennifer Creager, Greater Omaha Chamber
Julia Tse, Voices for Children in Nebraska

Alex Bauer, New Leaders Council Board
Jodi Benenson, University of Nebraska Omaha and New Leaders Council Board



1C // Do More While Working Less and Feeling More Fulfilled // Room 212

Do More While Working Less and Feeling More Fulfilled
If your never-ending to-do list makes you feel “done in,” then this session, designed to show you how to accomplish more daily while living a world class lifestyle will leave you feeling more energized every day.

Haris Reis, BIH Media, Inc.

1D // Three Expensive Mindsets (and how to reframe them) // Room 213

Three Expensive Mindsets (and how to reframe them)
Scarcity. Playing Small. Stalling. These mindset-driven habits aren’t just expensive in terms of holding leaders back, they also come at the high cost of their peace, well-being and full potential. Join this session to walk away with simple strategies to call yourself, and your teams, intro creatively delivering on your unique talents to maximize your career, company and community opportunities.

Kelli Thompson

1E // Building Positive Relationships with your Employees as a Manager // Room 216

Building Positive Relationships with your Employees as a Manager
First-time managers and supervisors are often high performers in an individual role. With the transition to management, it can be a struggle to find the balance between a command and control style and becoming the “I’m your friend” boss. In this interactive and engaging session, YP’s will learn how they can earn the respect of their employees with support and empathy, not hesitating to have the hard conversations and maintaining professional boundaries.

Leontyne Evans, Chad Mares and Danielle Ward-ThompsonGreater Omaha Chamber

Breakout Session 2

11:05 – 11:50 a.m.

2A // The Age Wave's Impact on Young Professionals // Room 207

The Age Wave’s Impact on Young Professionals
An age wave is rapidly sweeping our society. No matter your industry, you will be impacted by this growing demographic professionally and personally. Attend this session to gain a fresh perspective on aging and the opportunities it brings. Learn simple ways you can make a significant impact today to help our community become Ready to Care® for the growing aging population. Don’t be swept away, instead ride the wave of opportunity.

Lakelyn Hogan, Home Instead Senior Care

2B // Be the Best Ally!  How to support and stand up for the communities you love. // Room 209

Be the Best Ally!  How to support and stand up for the communities you love
Are you an ally? Are you the best possible ally? Have no clue what an “ally” is? (That’s ok!) Discover what it means to be an ally (terminology and debunking myths) and why it’s so important to be the best ally. After you learn the “why”, intersectional members of the Latino, Trans, Gender Rights and Ally communities will discuss the “how.” You’ll walk away equipped with the framework needed to be the best ally both in the workplace and in the community.

Moderator: Erik Servellon, Metro Young Latino Professionals Association 
Ina Bhoopalam, Dream Equal
Roger Garcia, Metro Community College Board of Directors
Eli Ragatuso, Speaking of Happy
Jaymes Sime, The Micah House

2C // Powering Performance Using the 'F-Word' (Feedback) // Room 212

Powering Performance Using the ‘F-Word’ (Feedback)
We know we need feedback, and, research says, we want more of it than many managers are able to give. Changing this dynamic requires that we learn how to become better givers and receivers of feedback. By improving these basic skills, we can open up ways to power our own  – and others’ – performance. This session will take a look at our “love-hate” relationship with feedback and provide tips and tactics for being both a better giver and receiver of feedback.

Deb Manning, Ph.D., SOLVE Consulting

2D // Bravership: The Uncomfortable Truth About Being Brave // Room 213

Bravership: The Uncomfortable Truth About Being Brave
Understand what gets in the way of leaders being brave. Explore what Bravership™ looks like and how to apply it in your work so that you are growing influence, accomplishing more and fearing less. Learn habits to build confidence and help you, your team and organization answer the question “What’s the bravest thing you could do right now?”

Nicole BianchiBravium HD

2E // Unleashing the Potential of a City Built for People // Room 216

Unleashing the Potential of a City Built for People
Cities are about people. And today more than ever, these same people have a choice of where to live. The best places – and best cities – ignite creativity and collaboration, both essential ingredients in the overall flourishing of their inhabitants. Join us as we uncover the rich potential of a city built for people – and the basic people-centered design principles we can all advocate for – as we explore how to unleash this energy right here in our own communities.

Scott Dobbe, Omaha by Design


11:50 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

Breakout Session 3

1:30 – 2:15 p.m.

3A // Nonprofiting: Fuel Your Heart While Accelerating Your Career // Room 207

Nonprofiting: Fuel Your Heart While Accelerating Your Career
Who says that progressing in your career and helping your community need to be mutually exclusive? Skill-based volunteering opens doors to serve a cause you’re passionate about, as well as aids your professional development in the process. This talk blends these two dilemmas and provides helpful solutions.

Aakriti Agrawal, Ameritas 

3B // Change Makers Panel // Room 209

Change Makers Panel
Each year, we honor individuals making positive, innovative and powerful change in our community and beyond. These YPs see the big picture and are coloring the world! Hear their dynamic stories and leave inspired to become a Change Maker yourself.

3C // You Are More Than Your Job Description // Room 212

You Are More Than Your Job Description
What if your life path isn’t to be an entrepreneur? Social media is filled with praise for those shedding corporate titles to make it big on their own – but that isn’t the only option to living your best life. As the corporate landscape is disrupted, you can contribute in new ways. This session will help you get clear on how to build your own path to a dream career in an organization.

Brooke Ossenkop & Kimberly Van HornAllocative

3D // Baling-Wire, Duck Tape, and Dogs; Life Isn't Always A Straight Line // Room 213

Baling-Wire, Duck Tape, and Dogs; Life Isn’t Always A Straight Line
Baling-wire, duck tape & dogs. Life won’t always be a straight line. And when the book you intended to write isn’t the one that happens, what do you do? Steve Wolf passionately, honestly, and with a heaping dose of humor, shares his experiential lessons learned from a lifetime of successes that were met with U-turns severe enough to erase chapters of life that had been decades in the making. He discusses how and why new chapters can be written.

Steve WolfWolf Territory

3E // How We Add Up // Room 216

How We Add Up
What if we could better understand our relationships? What if we could understand the keys to our passion and purpose? Understanding this fundamental part of ourselves can help us to answer some of these deep and meaningful questions. So, come take a moment to breathe, dive deep into mindfulness, the world of connection and their practical uses in your life.

Edem K. Garro, Edem Soul Music

Beverage Break + Engagement Space

2:15 – 3:00 p.m.

Closing Session

3:15 – 4:30 p.m.

Closing Session // Peter Kiewit Grand Ballroom

Jon Dorenbos

After losing both parents at the age of 12, Jon spent a year in foster care before moving in with his Aunt.  With the attitude of “Live in Vision, not in Circumstance”, Jon rose above all odds to eventually earn two Pro Bowl appearances and a Super Bowl ring in his 14 year NFL career.  Jon was forced to retire from the NFL when the New Orleans Saints diagnosed him with a life-threatening heart condition that required emergency open heart surgery.  When asked about it, Jon saw the ‘magic’. His book, Life Is Magic, is available now and is an Amazon bestseller. 


4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Location: Omaha Design Center

Toast to the day’s accomplishments as we celebrate insights gained and new connections made. Leave your car parked in the CHI Health Center parking lot (but only until 8:30 p.m.) and walk over to join us!

Access to the Post-Party is included with your YP Summit registration.

Keynote Speakers

◄ Radha Agrawal

Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker


Author, Speaker, DJ, Inventor, Investor

One of MTV’s “8 Women Who Will Change the World”

Jon Dorenbos ►

Author of “Life Is Magic”

Former NFL Player and Super Bowl Champion


Believes we must “Live in Vision, not in Circumstance” 


Let us answer that for you

Do I have to be a Young Professional to attend?
No, it’s a mindset. We are an inclusive event of all ages.

Is there a lactation/mother’s room?
Yes, the Mother’s Room is complete with private stations and fridge access. Check with the Info Booth on the day of the event, they will give you access to this exclusive space.

How much does parking cost?
$8 in Lot B or D. You can pay with credit card or cash. If paying with cash, try to bring exact change to expedite the entry process.

What is the dress code?
Be who you are – business, business casual or jeans are welcome.

What is the seating arrangement?
During general sessions, there will be classroom-style seating.

If your company is a sponsor, your seat will be reserved. Check out the floorplans on the day of the event – find your company’s name and assigned section and row. This will be your company’s assigned row throughout the day.

Not sure if your company is a sponsor? Check with the individual who purchased your ticket to find out!

If you purchased an early bird or single ticket, you will sit in open seating. Find rows marked open seating. These seats are first-come, first-serve – you may not have the same seat all day.

If you purchased a VIP ticket, your seat will be reserved. Check out the floorplan on the day of the event – find your name and assigned section and row. This will be your assigned row throughout the day.

During breakout sessions, there will be theater-style seating. No seats will be reserved, and seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Are there special lunch options? (Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, etc.)
Yes, select your meal preference during registration. If you have special dietary restrictions, let us know when registering. We will accommodate your request to the best of our ability.

Is there free coffee?
Yes, there will be free coffee in the Engagement Space until lunch.

Additionally, we have also partnered with Archetype Coffee and Artemis Teas. They will be present throughout the day where you can purchase specialty drinks.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the venue is accessible to all patrons, as required by the ADA and applicable regulations.

Do you offer sign language accommodations?
We will accommodate your request to the best of our ability. When registering, make sure to submit your accommodation request with your attendee information.

What should I bring?  
Notebook, pen and business cards.

Can I register for just part of the day?
No, YP Summit only offers full-day tickets.

Can I register/pay the day of?
No, registration closes on Friday, Feb. 28.

Keynote Speakers

Radha Agrawal

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, DJ, Inventor, Investor

Jon Dorenbos

Author of “Life Is Magic”

Magician, Former NFL Player and Super Bowl Champion

YP Summit Promise

The future is ours to shape. This is our moment to embrace the endless variety of possibilities, expand our perspectives, step in and step towards each other. This is the 2020 YP Summit.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the YP Summit—the largest young professionals’ conference in the country—an epic event with more than 1,500 attendees. We are bringing an energy worthy of this remarkable endeavor. Over the course of the day, YPs will benefit from inspiring keynote speakers, thought-provoking breakout sessions and an incredible engagement space that fosters connections.

In collaboration with the Greater Omaha Chamber, the YP Summit is organized by YPs, for YPs, and here is our promise:

We will provide a positive experience that energizes young professionals, celebrates our many points of view, expands our networks and challenges ourselves—all with the goal of extending our talents. Together, we will invigorate our personal and professional passions and multiply our impact—taking our collective future to the next level. You will leave feeling empowered and excited to thrive right here, right now. 

New Volunteer Opportunities

As we continue planning the 2020 YP Summit, we will have new volunteer opportunities, including “day of” opportunities as well as more involved roles leading up to the event.

#WeSummitOmaha, Do you?

Spread the word with our YP Summit toolkit.

Letter from our CEO

Need help convincing your boss? This note from our CEO ought to do the trick.


The YP Summit is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of several organizations. Thank you for your support.

Interested in being a sponsor? There are a number of experiential sponsorship opportunities available, starting at $3,000.
Contact Allison Sagehorn for more information about these high-impact opportunities.



2020 YP Summit Planning Committee:

YP Summit Chair
Elizabeth Kraemer – The University of Nebraska Foundation

Committee Facilitator Lead
Laura Walker – Creighton University

Hype & Promotions Committee
Chair: John Staup – Omaha Public Power District
App Manager: Rakshi Rekhi – Gallup
Brand Influencer: Jordan Bath – TD Ameritrade
Brand Influencer: Savannah Behrends – Midlands Business Journal
Community Partnerships Lead: Katherine MacHolmes – Inclusive Communities
Content Generator: Lacey Jane Ostmeyer – Spreetail
Interaction Facilitator: Itzel Lopez – AIM

Participant Experience (PX) Committee
Chair: Melanie Phelan – The Experience Company
Décor & Go Green Lead: Amber Posch – Mutual of Omaha
Engagement Space Activity #1: Kara Focht – Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
Engagement Space Activity #2: Blake Peterson – Keystone Financial Services
Engagement Space Activity #3: Susan Masood – Dundee Bank
Engagement Space Activity #4: Amanda Schmidt – Hayneedle Inc.
Engagement Space Activity #5: Mark Schulte – Roe Machine & Pattern Works, Inc
Engagement Space Manager: Sergio Orozco – Right at Home
Signage & Volunteer Coordinator: Kiley Armitage – QLI
Post-Party Execution: Angela Coleman – Nebraska Realty
Post-Party Execution: Kaitlin Ortmeier – The Waldinger Corporation
Post-Party Execution: Kelsey Scroggin – Univeristy of Nebraska Medical Center
Post-Party Sponsorships: Kristin Schemahorn – March of Dimes
YP Council Liaison: Chris Humphries – First National Bank of Omaha

Selection Committee
YP Summit Vice Chair: Nick Knihnisky – Buildertrend
Mohammad Amrollahi ­­– Valmont industry
Kelsey Haswell – Methodist Health System
Jonathan Oswald – HDR, Inc.
Haley A. Armstrong – Nebraska Medicine

Tried & True Group
Chair: Nate Shapiro ­– Beth Israel Synagogue
Kelsey Christensen – Physicians Mutual
Darius Smith – Ferguson
Lindsey Spehn – Gallup
Zach Klebba – Leo A Daly
Angel Starks – Nebraska Realty
Allison Schorr – iCAN Global
Kayla Snow – Creighton


This is the marquee event for YPs in Omaha, the YP Summit brings more than 1,500 young professionals together – one place, at one time – to grow personally and professionally, to learn more about community and convert insight into real, positive action using our strategic imagination to see beyond today and redefine what we are collectively capable of accomplishing. The YP Summit began in 2005 as a conference to celebrate young professionals in our region. 

Since then, we have enjoyed a phenomenal lineup of community speakers and nationally known keynotes, including:

  • Vinh Giang, Entrepreneur
  • Michelle Gielan, Founder & Author 
  • Julissa Arce, Immigration & Education Advocate
  • John Henry, Venture Capitalist
  • Ari Shapiro, Journalist
  • Josh Linkner, Entrepreneur
  • Randi Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg Media
  • Shabnam Mogharabi, SoulPancake
  • Baratunde Thurston, Author and Comedian
  • Frank Warren, PostSecret
  • John Legend, Singer
  • Adam Braun, Pencils of Promise
  • Bruce Mau, Designer
  • Cory Booker, U.S. Senator
  • Blake Mycoskie, TOMS
  • Malcolm Gladwell, Author
  • Robin Sharma, Author


Contact Allison Sagehorn with any questions or if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities.

Photo and Video Release
By registering and participating in this event, you consent to the recording of your likeness, image, and/or voice and authorize the Greater Omaha Chamber to use photographs, videos, and audio recordings containing your likeness, image, and/or voice in any medium for any purpose.


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