Know Your Rep


Sen. Ernie Chambers, District 11, Omaha

Sen. Tanya Cook, District 13, Omaha

Sen. Joni Craighead, District 6, Omaha
Sen. Sue Crawford, District 45, Bellevue

Sen. Tommy Garrett, District 3, Bellevue
Sen. Nicole Fox, District 7, Omaha

Sen. Burke Harr, District 8, Omaha

Sen. Robert Hilkemann, District 4, Omaha
Sen. Sara Howard, District 9, Omaha
Sen. Bill Kintner, District 2, Papillion
Sen. Rick Kolowski, District 31, Omaha
Sen. Bob Krist, District 10, Omaha
Sen. Brett Lindstrom, District 18, Omaha
Sen. John McCollister, District 20, Omaha

Sen. Beau McCoy, District 39, Omaha
Sen. Heath Mello, District 5, Omaha
Sen. John Murante, District 49, Gretna
Sen. Merv Riepe, District 12, Ralston
Sen. Jim Smith, District 14, Papillion
Sen. Roy Baker, District 30, Lincoln

Sen. Dave Bloomfield, District 17, Hoskins
Sen. Kate Bolz, District 29, Lincoln

Sen. Lydia Brasch, District 16, Bancroft
Sen. Kathy Campbell, District 25, Lincoln
Sen. Colby Coash, District 27, Lincoln

Sen. Al Davis, District 43, Hyannis

Sen. Laura Ebke, District 32, Crete
Sen. Curt Friesen, District 34, Henderson
Sen. Mike Gloor, District 35, Grand Island
Sen. Mike Groene, District 42, North Platte

Sen. Ken Haar, District 21, Malcolm
Sen. Galen Hadley, District 37, Kearney
Sen. Matt Hansen, District 26, Lincoln

Sen. Dan Hughes, District 44, Venango

Sen. Jerry Johnson, District 23, Wahoo
Sen. Mark Kolterman, District 24, Seward

Sen. John Kuehn, District 38, Heartwell
Sen. Tyson Larson, District 40, O’Neill
Sen. Adam Morfeld, District 46, Lincoln

Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks, District 28, Lincoln
Sen. Jim Scheer, District 19, Norfolk
Sen. Ken Schilz, District 47, Ogallala
Sen. David Schnoor, District 15, Scribner

Sen. Paul Schumacher, District 22, Columbus
Sen. Les Seiler, District 33, Hastings
Sen. John Stinner, District 48, Gering

Sen. Kate Sullivan, District 41, Cedar Rapids
Sen. Dan Watermeier, District 1, Syracuse
Sen. Matt Williams, District 36, Gothenburg


Nebraska’s annual state legislative process begins with new bill introductions, which runs through the first ten days of the session, and then moves to the various committees of the Legislature.  Public hearings begin soon thereafter and typically take place through mid to late March.

In addition, committees hold hearings on interim studies.  These typically run from August through November.

It is important that your voice is heard as these committees consider the hundreds of bills that are introduced each year.  Senators need to know how proposals will affect you as a business.



Chair – Jerry Johnson

Members – Dave Bloomfield, Ernie Chambers, Burke Harr, Mark Kolterman, Tyson Larson, Merv Riepe, Ken Schilz


Chair – Heath Mello

Members – Kate Bolz, Tanya Cook, Ken Haar, Bob Hilkemann, Bill Kintner, John Kuehn, John Stinner, Dan Watermeier

Banking, Commerce, and Insurance

Chair – Jim Scheer

Members – Kathy Campbell, Joni Craighead, Nicole Fox, Mike Gloor, Brett Lindstrom, Paul Schumacher, Matt Williams

Business and Labor

Chair – Burke Harr

Members –  Dave Bloomfield, Ernie Chambers, Sure Crawford, Laura Ebke, Sara Howard, Jerry Johnson


Chair – Kate Sullivan

Members – Roy Baker, Mike Groene, Rick Kolowski, Bob Krist, Adam Morfeld, Patty Pansing Brooks, David Schnoor

General Affairs

Chair – Tyson Larson

Members –  Colby Coash, Matt Hansen, Dan Hughes, Mark Kolterman, John McCollister, Merv Riepe, Ken Schilz

Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs

Chair – John Murante

Members –  Dave Bloomfield, Joni Craighead, Tommy Garrett, Mike Groene, Matt Hansen, Tyson Larson, Beau McCoy

Health and Human Services

Chair – Kathy Campbell

Members – Roy Baker, Sue Crawford, Nicole Fox, Sara Howard, Mark Kolterman, Merv Riepe


Chair – Les Seiler

Members – Ernie Chambers, Colby Coash, Laura Ebke, Bob Krist, Adam Morfeld, Patty Pansing Brooks, Matt Willams

Natural Resources

Chair – Ken Schilz

Members – Curt Friesen, Dan Hughes, Jerry Johnson, Rick Kolowski, Brett Lindstrom, John McColister, David Schnoor,

Nebraska Retirement Systems

Chair – Mark Kolterman

Members – Al Davis, Mike Groene, Rick Kolowski, Brett Lindstrom, Heath Mello (ex officio)


Chair – Mike Gloor

Members – Lydia Brasch, Al Davis, Burke Harr, Jim Scheer, Paul Schumacher, Jim Smith, Kate Sullivan

Transportation and Telecommunications

Chair – Jim Smith

Members – Lydia Brasch, Al Davis, Curt Friesen, Tommy Garrett, Beau McCoy, John Murante, Les Seiler

Urban Affairs

Chair – Sue Crawford

Members – Colby Coash, Laura Ebke, Matt Hansen, Sara Howard, Dan Hughes, John McCollister

View the Legislature’s committee page.


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