There Are Plenty of Ways to Engage!

Whether you are looking to volunteer, attend an event or just get to know your city together — the Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals can help you engage in your community. Sign up for our YP emails below or search through our online engagement directory for more specific groups you may want to connect with.

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Young professionals of the past have been key in developing the community we call home, sharing their voices and helping to build a sustainable future. This was their legacy.

Now, it’s time to chart our course.

Are you a thinker, dreaming of what’s possible and how we can accomplish the impossible? Are you a doer, managing personal and professional commitments without skipping a beat?

Are you both?

Above all, are you passionate? Do you care where the Greater Omaha community is heading and how we get there? Do you feel something indescribable that drives you to lead?

It’s OK. We do, too.

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Do I need to be a Greater Omaha Chamber member or “young” to attend GOCYP events?
Nope. Anyone can attend a GOCYP event. We don’t card!
Is there a membership fee?
We are not a dues paying organization. We consider everyone under age 40 in Greater Omaha part of our group.
Do I need to serve on the Council to volunteer?
Not at all. In fact, many of our Council committees and task forces are open to anyone. Let us know your passion and we will direct you to an appropriate volunteer-led group or committee.

Attend An Event

We host, co-host and promote events all the time which are geared towards young professionals’ engagement, entertainment and personal development. Click any of the links below to browse events posted by our partners.

Join the Council

Council members apply and are selected for three-year terms. They meet monthly and represent young professionals at a number of community events. For the past 10 years, council members have helped plan the Greater Omaha Young Professionals Summit, our flagship event.