City of Omaha

Active Living Advisory Committee
Administrative Board of Appeals
Air Conditioning & Air Distribution Board
Alarm Review Board
Architects/Engineers Review & Selection Committee
Benson Business Improvement District Area Board
Blackstone Business Improvement District
Building Board of Review
Citizen Complaint Review Board
City Naming Committee
Civil Rights Hearing Board
Downtown Business Improvement Area Board
Dundee Business Improvement Area Board
Electrical Examining Board
Hoisting & Portable Engineering Licensing
Human Rights and Relations Board
Land Bank
Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission
LGBTQ+ Advisory Board
Library Board
Mayor’s Advisory Commission for Citizens with Disabilities
Mayor’s Fair Housing Advisory Group
Mayor’s Military Service Advisory Committee
Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee
Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission
Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority
Native American Advisory Board
Oil Burner Board
Olde Elkhorn Business Improvement District
Omaha Airport Authority
Omaha Civilian Pension Board
Omaha Housing Authority
Parks & Recreation Board
Personnel Board
Planning Board
Plumbing Board
Police and Fire Pension Board
Public Art Commission
Property Maintenance Appeals Board
Stationary Engineer Examiners Board
Sign Examining Board
South Omaha Business Improvement District
Steamfitters/Pipefitters Examiners Board
Transit Authority Board
Urban Design Review Board
Vision Zero Omaha Task Force
Zoning Board of Appeals


Mayor's Millennial Advisory Committee- To allow for an opportunity for the group commonly referred to as young professionals or millennials (born from 1981 to 2000) to provide input to the Mayor and City leadership and officials about issues impacting the next generation of Omaha's citizens, leaders, and families and to encourage consideration of their viewpoint in public decision making.
If you would like to be considered for an appointment to a board or commission, complete the board/commission candidate response form and oath, and submit along with your resume or bio to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications.