Meet Darius Christensen, the 2022 YP Summit Chair!


My love story with Omaha is a unique one to be sure. After being born here, my family made the decision to move to Kearney, Nebraska. After I graduated high school, I moved to Seward, Nebraska, then back to Kearney before finally making the jump to the “big city” a few years later. This move was met with some hesitation, not only from the people around me, but also from myself. I can tell you firsthand that the perception of Omaha in central and western parts of the state is very much that of a huge city that is impossible to get around in, but I took the chance anyway and I am sure glad I did! Being a boomerang to this wonderful city has given me a very unique perspective on its many wonders as well as its shortcomings. 


After moving to Omaha, I was persuaded by my lovely wife to join her in volunteering for the YP Summit. What I didn’t know was that this would be the spark to ignite my many passions for this city. Ever since that first meeting and volunteering to help plan the participant experience portion of the Summit, I haven’t looked back. Since then, I have spent my time with the YP Summit volunteering as a member of the Participant Experience team and the Tried and True team. I have also been selected to be on the Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals Council. Both of these experiences have been truly amazing and have really opened my eyes to the potential of this great city. 


Being a frequent attendee of the YP Summit, I know that I have some very big shoes to fill to make this Summit a success. Rakshit did such an amazing job last year with our first ever virtual Summit. With the help of the Chamber, the co-chair, committee leads, committee members, and volunteers I know we can make this the best Summit we have had to date. We are super excited to welcome everyone back in person for this year’s Summit. We hope to see you soon!