On June 3, 2021, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Council held its first virtual INTRO event of 2021. The event kicked off by welcoming all guests and presenting them with the events schedule. Then, the event moderator – Meray Kim, introduced the three INTRO panelists:

          Diping Huang: A young professional who is actively engaged in the Omaha community. She advocates and enjoys helping first-generation students, youths from underrepresented backgrounds, and women and ethnic minorities in the community. Diping is also on the Millennial Advisory Committee for Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert.

          Rakshit Rekhi: From India, Rakshit attended UNO to pursue and receive his master’s degree in management information systems. Rakshit has been living in Omaha since 2014 and has actively volunteered in the community. Furthermore, he served as the Chair for the YP Summit 2021.

          Kirby Keomysay: The Founder and Creative Director of Kontempo., which is a hair salon located in Omaha, NE. Additionally, Kirby is one of Omaha’s most in-demand artists with his recognized style-trends and work with celebrities.

After the panelists were introduced, the event moderator asked the panelists questions about their experience of Omaha such as their favorite restaurants, annual events, current personal projects on hand and how that can be accomplished in a city like Omaha, and also their personal views on what Omaha should offer to its residents or what are some potential things to improve in the City.

The second part of the event moved to the first round of breakout sessions where attendees were able to select which session they wanted to attend. The first two breakout sessions, which each lasted 30 minutes were:

          Room 1: Edge of the Universe with Rachel Evans, who wowed everyone with a cocktail/mocktail and charcuterie board demo.

          Room 2: Visit Omaha with Deborah Ward, who shared all the fun things-to-do in Omaha with the group.

The third part of the event was the second round of breakout sessions were attendees again were able to select the session to be attended. Each also lasting 30 minutes were:

          Room 1: Metro Transit with Jason Rose and Evan Schweitz, who updated us on the exciting transportation moves Omaha is making.

          Room 2: Artist Cooperative with Nash Bellows, who enlightened us on the incredible expanse of the art world in Omaha.

After the breakout sessions and back in the main event virtual room, Clay Vanderheiden with GreenSlate Development shared insight on the Blackstone neighborhood and the exciting things to come.

Lastly, attendees were informed of the open applications and were invited to apply for the 2022 Young Professionals Summit Planning Committee. Additionally, Darius Christensen was announced as the 2022 YP Summit Chair!

Note: Please mark your calendars. The next INTRO event will be held on September 9, 2021!