We were thrilled to have our first Retention Committee event of the year on February 4th with our YP Day at the Capitol, a virtual event which we co-hosted with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. The virtual format proved to be perfect for this event as attendees were able to hear from a wonderful group of State Senators from both Lincoln and Omaha, Secretary of State Bob Evnen, lobbyists, and legislative aides. In addition to this, the YP Council unveiled our policy focus areas for 2021. As shared in our February newsletter, these are as follows:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Economic development and talent workforce opportunities
  • Mental health
  • Child care

At the state level, we’ve identified six bills tied to these focus areas and have stated our support for them. Now we’re turning to our city government, specifically candidates in the City Council and Mayoral races to see what their approaches to these areas might be. The Retention Committee will be meeting towards the end of March to craft questions and create a candidate questionnaire, but we would love to hear from you on what questions you think might be most relevant.

The Retention Committee is also looking forward towards other opportunities to engage the young professional community and we started by considering what factors may be most important in retaining young professionals. We first looked to the corporate world, where many companies focus on creating access to leadership, facilitating peer-to-peer relationships, and building a culture that is engaging and has a sense of corporate social responsibility. From here, we discussed what a city or community needs to focus on in order to retain young professionals. Community and opportunity came up most frequently and we discussed creating welcoming environments, welcoming traditionally marginalized groups, ensuring representation, confirming people can have their basic needs met, ensuring people feel it is possible to grow, and facilitating arts, culture, and entertainment.

With this established, we’re looking forward to creating content that will help engage and retain young professionals in Greater Omaha – and we’d love your thoughts! Please reach out and let us know your thoughts on the following:

  • What questions should we ask City Council and Mayoral candidates in our upcoming questionnaire?
  • What organizations deserve to be highlighted as we seek opportunities to retain young professionals?