On August 27th, 2020, the YP Council’s Talent Development Committee hosted a Council of Companies (CoC) event virtually over zoom. The virtual event was abundant with information on what Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are, how the groups get started, and how they have an impact on both the employees and the employers. See below for some highlights of this event and how you can get connected with the panelists featured on the webinar.

The CoC’s mission is to help companies launch, guide, and sustain ERGs as they start out and as they develop goals. ERGs are voluntary employee-led groups that offer employees of an organization an opportunity to connect and collaborate around a certain mission, goal, or business practice. ERGs can be centered around whatever that particular group of employees wants.

Those that tuned in had the pleasure of hearing from Ellie Bruckner of Flywheel, Wesley Dooley of Union Pacific, Lanesa Ballew-Holt of Conagra, and Mindy Wells of OPPD. Each speaker spoke about the ERG they participate in at their company, what the group is working towards, and how employers have really started to invest in the ERGs after seeing the effects of inclusivity and collaboration that is produced. It was very encouraging to hear how both the employees are enriched from their involvement with the ERGs and also how the employers have experienced positive effects of having ERGs within their organizations.

If you would like to learn more about specific ERGs or how to start your own, the speakers have graciously shared their contact information below:

Mindy Wells, OPPD – mwells@oppd.com 

Ellie Bruckner, Flywheel – ellie@getflywheel.com 

Lanesa Ballew-Holt, Conagra – Lanesa.BallewHolt@conagra.com 

Wesley Dooley, Union Pacific – wadooley@up.com 


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