Meet Courtney Franks

The Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals is an organization dedicated to attracting and retaining young talent in our community. Shining the spotlight on such stories helps all of us – young and old alike – better understand what brings people to our area, or what keeps them here.

In an effort to share such stories, we asked YPs from near and far to explain why (and how) they found Omaha. You’ll continue meeting these YPs in upcoming newsletters.

Courtney Franks is a YP transplant who, following college graduation, has made her home in Omaha. She works as an independent sales director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Courtney recently left behind her comfort zone of Wayne, Nebraska, to chart a new path and meet new people in Omaha.

What brought you to Omaha, and from where did you move?

I moved to Omaha from Wayne, Nebraska. After graduating from Wayne State College, I was offered a great job in Omaha that I couldn’t pass up.

How do you describe Omaha to others outside Nebraska?

Omaha is a lot like a small town, but with all the amenities. I appreciate having incredible restaurants with top chefs, and meeting new people who know someone from another circle of mine. People are friendly and are proud to be from Omaha. It makes Omaha such a great place to live.

What has surprised you about Omaha?

How much there is to do in Omaha. There’s always something fun going on, or a new restaurant to try. I love knowing that on any given night, there’s something to do – sand volleyball leagues, Neighborhood Night Out, Jazz on the Green, the Nebraska Balloon and Wine Festival. It’s a great way to build a strong community and form relationships.

Where is Omaha missing the mark?

I think Omaha is doing so many great things, but as a culture and a society, we need to consider slowing down and really learning to appreciate the moments and experiences. The memories we create can never be taken away from us, but “stuff” can.

How would you encourage others to become more involved in our community?

Being self-employed makes this question interesting. I’m so lucky to have great friends and a great network of people, so the events are always being talked about. But to anyone who is new or isn’t involved, don’t be afraid to use social media as a way to find events to attend. It’s a blessing to be able to pull up Facebook and see so many local events. Don’t be afraid to show up and meet new people. I’m afraid it’s turning into a lost art, going somewhere and meeting new people face to face. We are humans and we crave social interaction. Even introverts crave relationship and feeling like they matter and are part of something bigger than themselves. So … plug in!