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TOYO Nominations Open

As young professionals, we care about our community, we lead our organizations and we work hard to give back to both. Now is the time to recognize those young professionals for their service, stewardship and passion for Omaha! Please nominate someone you know for one of the Ten Outstanding Young Omahans! (TOYO!) award!

Last year, YP Council member Cliff McEvoy was honored to be nominated by a good friend who took five minutes out of her busy work day to tell the TOYO! selection committee about him. It was one of the highlights of his professional career to have a colleague recognize his efforts and convey them to TOYO! It then became a highlight of his life to stand up on a stage and tell his friends, family and other amazing Omahans just how much they meant to him as we all work so hard in our community and careers to be the empowering, passionate and impactful young professionals we all strive to be!

For over 85 years, the Omaha Jaycees has honored individuals between the ages of 21 and 40 who show exemplary commitment to improving the Omaha community through selfless acts of kindness while excelling in their professional careers. We all either are or know young professionals deserving of this honor. Please take that five minutes out of your day to nominate your friend, co-worker or employee to be recognized as a 2018 TOYO! recipient!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates and contact with any questions.

P.S. Please share the link to nominate with friends and colleagues:

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