Meet Naomi Adjei

The Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals is an organization dedicated to attracting and retaining young talent in our community. Shining the spotlight on such stories helps all of us – young and old alike – better understand what brings people to our area, or what keeps them here.

In an effort to share such stories, we asked YPs from near and far to explain why (and how) they’ve found Omaha. You’ll meet these YPs in upcoming newsletters.

Say hello to transplant Naomi Adjei. A native of Ghana, she has lived in cities across the country: Pontiac, Michigan; Bowling Green, Ohio; and, until recently, Des Moines, Iowa. She moved to Omaha in January 2011 for graduate school.

Why Omaha?

I have visited 28 states around the country, but I must really like it here if I have been here for six years. Omaha provides safety, community and a lot of recreational activities for young professionals. It has become home for me.

What has surprised you about Omaha? 

Omaha is a beautiful city, and I love that it keeps getting better with new infrastructure. When I moved here I was very impressed by the variety of restaurants, activities and hospitality. I ended up staying in Omaha because I met good people here.

How would you encourage others to become more involved in our community?

I would encourage people to take risks by trying new things, new food and new communities. Get out of the norm! I love going to Omaha Jitterbugs for swing dancing because it’s fun and you get to meet so many different people of all ages, professions and countries. UNO also hosts events that a variety of ages can attend that showcase different countries and ethnicities.

How is Omaha missing the mark on being more inclusive? 

What I see are little pockets of great groups who do not interact at all; or if they do, it’s very little. I would like to see more unity among these groups in our community.

How can Omaha be a more inclusive community?

I think individuals need to be more intentional about being inclusive and attending events that are already going on in the city. There is a lot for all of us to be a part of. Each of us should take on the responsibility to do it. I personally can do better at getting out of my world to participate in other communities. I think that when we label things they become exclusive as opposed to inclusive, just by default. This is not necessarily a bad thing because having an identity is good. However, that also means that we become comfortable with people like us without branching out. A good way to be inclusive is to get all the other groups to do things together.