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Advocates for residential and commercial property insurance policyholders. Modern-day Robin Hoods.

“We are fighting the good fight and keeping insurance companies accountable,” says Gil Shalmon, a public adjuster and building consultant with Omaha-based Premier Claims, our July Small Business of the Month.

Launched in 2017, Premier Claims is a group of licensed public adjusters dedicated to helping commercial and residential insurance policyholders “get paid every dollar owed to them under their policy and get denied claims pushed through,” Shalmon says.

Growth has been dramatic. An initial office of six is now more than 30 employees nationwide, including 20 new jobs created in Omaha. Premier Claims has recovered, for clients, over $21,000,000 in additional funds from insurance companies. The goal is to see that number grow to $50,000,000 at the end of 2018. In Nebraska alone, the team has recovered an additional $7,000,000+ for property owners at an average increase of nearly $24,000.

“This is money that gets reinvested into the home or commercial structure and preserves the property value to the owner. When the work is performed, this money ultimately gets paid to small business contractors who then go buy goods and services throughout Omaha,” Shalmon says.

Winning Insights from Our July Winner:

  • Providing an Excellent Customer Experience

“While the claims process takes months, we try to do everything we can to speed it up, give updates and help people find new insurance if they’ve been dropped, review their policies, and generally do everything in our power to make sure they are properly taken care of and protected. We like to think of ourselves as ‘insurance for your insurance.’ We also provide a breakdown of the value we provided and are fully transparent in everything we do.”

  • Empowering Employees and Creating a Culture in which They Can Grow and Succeed

We give our people the resources and freedom to operate however they see fit. Premier Claims likes to invest in new technologies, programs, tools, networking events and anything else that can give us an edge, make us operate more efficiently or open new avenues for us.

“We like to empower our employees, and as long as people are operating ethically and staying on top of their tasks and goals, we don’t care how they get it done. This has allowed our people to structure their work-life balance effectively and do what feels comfortable to them. Additionally, we have monthly outings to show appreciation for everyone’s hard work.”

  • Best Practice Tip

Network, network, network –and follow up.”

  • Value of Chamber Involvement

“The Greater Omaha Chamber has given us access to all sorts of key decision makers and helped to get the word out about our business. The directory has been a tremendous resource, and the Chamber gives us that credibility we need to get a conversation going.

  • Impacting the Community

“Aside from the business of helping homeowners repair their homes, we make sure that each person in our company is volunteering outside of work. As a company with sporadic hours, it’s tough for us to commit to one cause, but we enable our employees to find a cause near and dear to them they want to get involved in. We have people who are volunteer basketball and volleyball coaches, church mission leaders and charity fundraisers. We plan to partner with a local charity in 2018 and focus on helping locally.”

Want to learn more about Premier Claims? Check out the company’s Facebook page and website.

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