By Lynda Shafer, Leader Leader, Greater Omaha Chamber

In my role at the Chamber, I have the pleasure of visiting with many business leaders in Greater Omaha. I hear lots of success stories, but I also enjoy learning about the challenges that businesses are facing, and how they plan to overcome them. One of the most common challenges I hear about is how difficult it is to recruit and retain talent.

The Greater Omaha Chamber has a variety of offerings to help companies address the complex challenge around talent. (Let’s grab coffee if you want to hear about them all.) For now, I want to highlight Propel, a brand new offering the Greater Omaha Chamber is partnering with MindSet to launch. Propel is a leadership accelerator for front-line leaders and rising stars.

I asked MindSet Founder, Dr. Kim Hoogeveen (also the founding President and CEO of QLI, which grew to employ over 400 employees under his tenure as CEO), to give his thoughts on the benefits Propel will offer to companies. Andrew Prystai, the current Greater Omaha Young Professionals Chair, as well as a MindSet consultant, shares his thoughts on why he and his peers should be excited to participate in Propel as well.

Kim: “Propel offers several benefits to companies. At the top of the list, Propel will help businesses build bench strength – develop their future leaders. Another benefit Propel will provide executives is the opportunity to recognize and reward some of their best high-potential employees, sending a strong message that the company wants to invest in their growth. I was always looking for ways to help re-recruit my best people, and Propel will give companies a way to do that. For more benefits, I’d encourage you to visit our Propel webpage.”

Andrew: “Propel is an opportunity for anyone who has aspirations of being a strong leader.  MindSet is a proven resource for leadership development, but prior to this Propel offering, we’ve primarily worked with senior leaders. I’m excited for this program because it is the first MindSet program that is focused on rising stars. It’s full of techniques leaders can start implementing immediately. I have benefited from using MindSet techniques on the YP Council like how to be a good active listener, handle conflict, and deal with the dreaded performance review. On top of that, Propel offers valuable leadership training and a forum for discussion and coaching on issues the participants are currently experiencing.”

I am looking forward to the launch of this new program. An investment in Propel is an investment in your talent. Accelerate the development of your front-line supervisors and rising stars, while you elevate your company to greater success! Give me a shout if you have questions.

Now that it’s your time to lead – set yourself up for incredible success.

Propel attendance is by application only. Space is limited. Deadline to apply is April 1.