Office of the President


    David Brown, President and CEO
        Phone: 402-346-5297

    Kristin Gochenour, Executive Assistant to the President
        Phone: 402-978-7936

    Jeffrey Mikesell, Senior Military Liaison
        Phone: 402-978-7946

    Cheryl Lawson, Administrative Coordinator
        Phone: 402-978-7922


    Audra Schawang, Chief Financial Officer
        Phone: 402-978-7944

    Julie Spomer, Accounting Assistant
        Phone: 402-978-7954

    Donna Streight, Staff Accountant
        Phone: 402-978-7905

Fund Development

    Patti McAtee, Senior Director
        Phone: 402-978-7906

    Angie Heise, Program and Marketing Coordinator | Fund Development and Missouri River Commons
        Phone: 402-978-7912

    Rachel Halbmaier, Director of Missouri River Commons
        Phone: 402-778-4616

Human Resources

    Laurie Pieper, Human Resources Director
        Phone: 402-978-7955

Public Policy

    Jennifer Creager, Senior Director - Public Policy
        Phone: 402-474-4960

    Tim Stuart, Legislative Counsel
        Phone: 402-474-4960


    Lillian Vauble, Customer Relations Specialist
        Phone: 402-346-5000

Innovative Services

Senior VP Office

    Anne Branigan, Senior Vice President - Innovative Services
        Phone: 402-978-7949

    Jordan Stocking, Innovative Services Coordinator
        Phone: 402-978-7926

Leadership Development

    Lynda Shafer, Director - Leadership Development
        Phone: 402-978-7928

    Liz Kerrigan, Leadership Strategist
        Phone: 402-978-7913

Business Intelligence

    Pete Thompson, Chief Information Officer
        Phone: 402-978-7903

    Kayleigh Bradley-Vogt, Manager - Business Intelligence & Technology
        Phone: 402-978-7921

    Julia Ortiz, Data Analyst
        Phone: 402-978-7904

    Jennifer Zarek, Research Analyst
        Phone: 402-978-7942

    Lauren Foster, Business Intelligence Coordinator
        Phone: 402-978-7927


    Kim Sellmeyer, Creative Director
        Phone: 402-978-7919

    Alissa Bonwell, Marketing Manager
        Phone: 402-978-7920

    Jill Odens, Digital Media Specialist
        Phone: 402-978-7937

    John Sliffe, Graphic Designer
        Phone: 402-978-7952

    Jessica Perreault, Project Management Specialist
        Phone: 402-778-4617

Membership Services

    Diane Poots, Director - Member Services
        Phone: 402-978-7930

    Linda Stevens, Administrative Assistant
        Phone: 402-778-4630

    Melinda Sorenson, Manager, Volunteer & Member Engagement
        Phone: 402-346-5000

    Julie Lucey, Manager - Membership Development & Sales
        Phone: 402-978-7925

    Katie Cords, Membership Development Representative
        Phone: 402-233-4145

    DeAnn Reed, Membership Development Representative
        Phone: 402-978-7941

Special Events

    Kayti Rachwalik, Director - Special Events
        Phone: 402-978-7957

    Kristy Fortenbury, Manager of Networking Events
        Phone: 402-346-1150

    Christine Fortier, Coordinator of Special Events
        Phone: 402-978-7907

Technology & Information

Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership

Senior VP Office

    Randy Thelen, Senior Vice President - Economic Development
        Phone: 402-978-7923

    Ebony Gills, Coordinator of Division Operations
        Phone: 402-233-7146

Business Development

    Sean Johnson, Senior Director - Business Attraction
        Phone: 402-978-7933

    Mindy Ruffalo, Director - International Business Development
        Phone: 402-978-7940

    James Caraway, Manager - Business Development
        Phone: 402-978-7951

    Marco Floreani, Manager - Business Development
        Phone: 402-978-7943

    Ashly Van Houten, Project Management Coordinator
        Phone: 402-233-7151


    Winsley Durand, Executive Director - REACH
        Phone: 402-233-7144

    Savannah Cuevas, Project Management Coordinator
        Phone: 402-978-7929

Business Assistance, Retention, Expansion (BARE)
Client Services

    Mark Norman, Senior Director - Client Services
        Phone: 402-233-7143

    Mike Bruening, Manager - Business Development
        Phone: 402-978-7935

    Megan Skiles, Business Development Specialist
        Phone: 402-233-7150

Talent & Workforce

    Sarah Moylan, Senior Director - Talent
        Phone: 402-978-7945

    Holly Benson, Manager - Talent
        Phone: 402-233-7152

    Patricia Mayorga, Manager - Talent
        Phone: 402-233-7159

    Luke Hoffman, Manager - Talent
        Phone: 402-978-7914

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

    Nathan Preheim, Senior Director - Entrepreneurship & Innovation
        Phone: 402-233-7158

    Erica Wassinger, Senior Director - Entrepreneurship & Innovation
        Phone: 402-233-7154

    Caty O'Brien, Coordinator, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
        Phone: 402-233-7157


    Paula Hazlewood, Executive Director - Advance Southwest Iowa Corporation
        Phone: 402-978-7918

    Andrew Rainbolt, Executive Director - Sarpy County Economic Development Corporation
        Phone: 402-233-7155

    Lisa Scheve, Executive Director - Gateway Development Corporation
        Phone: 402-233-7140

    Jennifer Serkiz, Executive Director - Cass County Economic Development Corporation
        Phone: 402-978-7909

    Garry Clark, Executive Director - Greater Fremont Development Council
        Phone: 402-753-8126

    Amanda Heistand, Project Manager - Cass County EDC & Sarpy County EDC
        Phone: 402-978-7948

    Nichole Ferguson, Project Management Coordinator - Gateway Development Corporation & Advance Southwest Iowa Corporation
        Phone: 402-720-8799

    Barb Pierce, Director - Existing Business – Greater Fremont Development Council
        Phone: 402-753-8126

    Therese Hoyle, Administrative Assistant - Greater Fremont Development Council
        Phone: 402-753-8126

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